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I would like to ask for a 24 hour silence and allow MICHAEL CLARK aka MJC45 aka MIKE ALSO who died  Thursday the 12 to win for the next 24 hours.    Thank you.

Thank you LADY, My Mom is doing GREAT !!!! It's like the stroke never happened  ! Her memory is back to normal. I talked to her on the phone yesterday and she sounded fantastic !!  HAPPY EASTER A

Not only have we done 200 pages, but I just got through counting those pages and this is the 5,019 th post on this thread. For me, it's a dream come true for my OCD.    

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 Not this one, it has to do with G. G.......well I guess it IS only temporary. She has had a seizure. It messed with her mind BIG TIME and had a VERY hard time of it for a long time. She was so confused. Without going into a lot of details, I took care of her the way she took care of me after I got out of the hospital and when ELOISE was at work. Mainly just staying by her side and letting her know she wasn't alone. She has started to get a little better recently. She can walk around outside now, but still needs to wear a diaper inside. She can sometimes walk from the bedroom to the front room. She can usually find her steps up and down the bed so she can eat. But she can get lost on the bed sometimes too. She gets soooo afraid if she thinks she's alone ! She doesn't seem to remember BENNY but likes it when he lays down beside her, which he seems to enjoy doing since this happened. When she finally gets to the RAINBOW BRIDGE (a great poem for anyone who ever lost a special pet) she will get a new body and will be waiting for me, so yeah, it's only temporary. 

 I win.

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 Ummm...what is POTP ?

Thanks for your support, OBTW this is also why I came up with my "THOUGHT", I was thinking how much in common G.G. was to me way back then. Feel free to post over !

I'll also take the win.

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