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Here in Mzansi we still make do with the tried and trusted technological titillation that is the Paraffin stove. ""Naturally"", only when we head for the great outdoors in search of fresh crocodile meat for the next BBQ or braai (pron. brr-eye and really roll those rrrs off your tongue) to use the colloquial term for the preparation of meat over hot glowing coals as opposed to flames whilst consuming ample quantities of your favourite tipple alcoholic or non alcoholic and look at me ma no punctuation.

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These guys 'Sheldon/Leonard' have been so bright; why they use a microwave? when we know that change the molecular (integrity) structure of food?

Microwaves don't change the integrity of the molecules. Water molecules are excited by a resonance effect and give off the extra energy through heat.

Heat itself can change the integrity of the molecules. But neither more nor less than a regular oven. The main difference is you can't heat up something that doesn't contain water and stuff that contains water will heat up uniformly, unlike a regular over where the outter layers will get cooked first.

My 2 cents ;)

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