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Favourite Episode So Far?


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  • 3 weeks later...

I think I'm enjoying the relationship crises staying in the background. When they play inside the bubble and you don't have to worry about it bursting. Everyone has a destination now, even Raj (though he might not yet be on exactly the right bus). So I think "The Focus Attenuation" is the episode I recall most fondly. The duct tape bit was extremely silly and I like that. Drunk Amydette/Bermy too. And.... "I'll make the popcorn". LOL.

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Favorite episode as a whole: "The Focus Attenuation"

While I really enjoy the show having the girls now, sometimes I miss the dynamic of the four boys hanging out outside of work and just being silly. The "Back to the Future" grammar scene and the duct tape scene in particular were hilarious.  The girls in Vegas were also great.  I enjoyed the flipped dynamic of Penny being the mature one.

Favorite moment: Sheldon opens up to Raj ("The Expedition Approximation")

Sheldon's character development this season has been, in a word, sublime, and this scene is one of the best examples of that so far.  He is learning to express his feelings and vulnerability in a more mature way. In the past, vulnerable Sheldon was almost always childish; in this scene, he comes across as Sheldon the man instead of Sheldon the man-child (at least until the rats appeared. :p). I also loved his immediate response to Raj regarding Amy, showing that he has finally accepted his feelings for her.  Our Shelly is all grown up. <3

Honorable mention: Shamy's car confession ("The Locomotive Interruption")

I love this scene for many of the same reasons as the scene above: we see Sheldon being vulnerable, facing his own imperfections and expressing his feelings, albeit with less maturity than a few episodes later.  The best part of this scene, though, is Amy's reaction to Sheldon's confession: her initial surprise and concern, followed by the tact and understanding with which she responds.  A beautiful moment, though I do wish it hadn't been followed with the "I want to break up with her" line.

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I would say my favorite so far this season is episodes 3(First Pitch)

          I loved the back and forth about who was the superior couple and the speech Leonard gave when he said he knew it was hard but he wanted to hold her hand through it. Sheldon knowing Amy was allergic to avacados really means he listens when she speaks even if it seems he doesn't. There is no doubt he would have shared his burger with her.

And episode 5(Focus)

   It showed the girls are not a distraction which I have read from so many people other places. The boys are a distraction to themselves. It was like Sheldon said in the Relationship Diremption "We happen to live in a golden age of tv." And the girls getting drunk in Vegas....hilarious. "Housekeeping." "We got word that someone was pooping on a party in there."

I didn't stop laughing from the beginning to the end.

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