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Pennys Character Has Changed, Saddens Me


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Actors can play homicidal cannibalistic serial killers, and still have separate lives. What you see on screen *should be* the product of the script, direction and performance. The actor is only responsible for one of those. So what Penny is doing is what the creatives want her to be doing.

and that's part of the issue. But Penny was ready to jump - untill Leonard had a seizure and opened his mouth. I blame the public for wanting more of Sheldon. (icon: annoyance with other people's choices) and the long run of the premise, really a bit past its design specs. But lets see how they wrap it up, or stretch it out. Two seasons to go. Maybe people will come to their senses. LOL. and we will see them play besotted again.

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Well if they have Leonard and Penny break up again then I am afraid I am so done with this show

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Not to point fingers but this whole Kaley hair bashing is really Shallow and Superficial. Its just an example of this sexualized society. So Penny has to always be the hot girl, i just dont agree with that. If course she was more funnier earlier. But it had zero to do with the length of her hair. And more to do with the freshness and premuse of her character. Seeing Penny grow up is not funny, i get it. But its not because if a hair cut lol.


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