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Penny Catch Phrase: "Oh Balls!"


Should "Oh Balls!" be a reoccuring Penny catch phrase?  

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  1. 1. Should "Oh Balls!" be a reoccuring Penny catch phrase?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I'm Indifferent
    • Maybe, but it's not better then "Holy Crap on a Cracker"
    • Don't know, it's a bit too vulgar for regular television

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I like "cream my corn"! I thought that was pretty awesome considering she's from Nebraska, and apparently corn is a big thing there.

As for big balls or holy crap...I don't know...both are just too jarring in the ear for them to be constant catch phrases.

I love their use of "Wow", it's pretty colloquial and perfectly timed in every episode I've seen. Penny does that best!

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I don't even remember her saying "oh, balls", so evidently it's holy crap on a cracker!!! :D

She said it when sheldon went all the way back to the beginning of physics when she only wanted to know one thing, I have to admit a little hard to hear it but that's when.

Still, I prefer her "holy crap on a cracker" phrase.

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Yeah, I didn't remembered the ''Oh balls'' thing, and even now that white_knight said it, I still don't remember it! I'd probably notice now if I go rewatch it, since it got mentionned, but beforehands I didn't.

The only catchphrases I really got into are Penny's ''Holy crap on a cracker'' (even if she said it only in one episode), Sheldon's ''Bazinga'', Raj's ''Oh snap'' and basically everyone's ''Here we go'' (whenever Sheldon is about to rant!). Those are keepers! But now that I write that, I noticed that Leonard and Howard don't have one... I guess Howard's ''wazzup my nerdizzle'' could become one...

Anyway, I deviate. ''Oh balls'' is not IMO a rememberable catchphrase unless she starts using it often. It's just too... ordinary!

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not realy pertinent to the original question, but I always thought Penny said, 'Holy crap, what a cracker'

in the UK a .what a cracker. means 'what a weirdo' .

So it seemed to fit somehow. I was surprised when I read on this site, an alternative saying,

Has anyone seen the scipt, can we confirm exactly what she said?

comments please?

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