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G'day from Australia


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Hi, really new to TV fandom, and it's been such a long time that I have been really excited about a TV show.

However, not many people share my ethusiasm. Since I work at a comic book store, (please visit! it's in Sydney) people have mixed feelings about BBT which just began to air here this year, through digital TV.

I don't have mixed feeling, I absolutely love the show, and really really dig the comic book references. So I hope you'll have me while I ethuse about the show :)

I watched the entire Jim Parson webchat whilst it was on, (no sound and I was at work boo!) and later through youtube. Even though I love ALL characters, Sheldon and Howard are my top two! :)

I've asked for a Dr Sheldon Cooper FTW tshirt for Xmas and if I get it, I am wearing it all day at work! :p

Just started a twitter too: @takethecatout

Nice to meet you all!

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