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810 The Champagne Reflection (November 20)


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Went to the taping for this  very episode last Tuesday it was fantastic!!!!  Seeing them all in person.  OMG!!  Jim Parsons!! Omg! Mayim Bialik in the flesh.  Melissa Rauch signed my TBBT program for me and one of the writers did also.  Mark Sweet picked me to come up and sing Soft Kitty.  I got to sing the song solo in front of the entire audience and the TBBT cast and crew!!!  THAT MADE MY LIFE!!   They gave us free candy and pizza too.    So sad though that the very next day after the taping we found out the news about Carol Ann Susi, but other than that the experience was wonderful! 

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I thought it was a funny episode, I laughed several times at Raj's lines and Barry of course was funny. I also thought thought Johnny was looking really good!

No kidding about Johnny! Man, Jim is definitely not the only one who's been working out....damn...

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Sheldon and Amy were so good in this episode it's hard to believe that someone so smart can be clueless when it comes to racist things but I guess Sheldon doesn't see things the way we do. I know he is not really that way he just has no clue

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Just started watching.... OMG

Welcome to Fun with Jim's Guns!!!!

Holy crap




I am dying before the damn theme even started.

Um.... Hellllo Johnny guns!

Welcome to the Big Bang Gun show...


Just to get this out of the way, but Mary Quigley must be having a heck of a time dealing with these two, wardrobe wise.....:)

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