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813 The Anxiety Optimization (January 29)

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I enjoyed the whole interaction when Sheldon told the guys to disagree with everything he said, and they started immediately with Sheldon arguing with them. I didnt't think he got that they were doing what he told them to do until he left the room and then came back and thanked them.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 13- 'The Anxiety Optimisation'- Review

Sheldon's career has already been covered on TBBT more than any other characters', and as he continues to face his dilemma, we are in for another episode of 'The Sheldon Show' it seems.

The opening gag with the noise-cancelling headphones was amusing and the comments from Leonard and Penny well-scripted, but as the episode went on, the Sheldon plot became less and less entertaining. The scene in Amy's lab was corny and felt laboured, but I must admit that I did laugh when Amy was fiddling with the balloon much to Sheldon's annoyance. The date night scene was far too long- it must have taken up one sixth of the entire episode- and the clever or funny jokes were few and far between. Sheldon being put to bed by Leonard and Penny was fine and it was funny when Sheldon fell asleep as soon as Penny started to sing 'soft kitty', but when Leonard joined in it became just a little bit creepy. All in all, we don't seem to be much further along with Sheldon's career choice storyline after pretty much dedicating a whole episode to it, so I guess we can 'look forward' to more of these such episodes in the future. Maybe we might actually get somewhere in one of those.

This episodes' saving grace was certainly Howard's 'Emily or Cinnamon' game. Easy stuff for the writers, but hilarious nonetheless, my favourite being 'how can such a little girl each such a big steak?'. What a brilliant idea from the writers and comedy gold, lapped up as usual by Simon Helberg who did a brilliant job playing Howard here. Emily's cameo appearance was wooden and boring as usual though, she really doesn't suit this show and needs to be axed as soon as possible. It was a great subplot though and one which belonged in a better episode.

Best Line: Howard: 'OK, back to Emily or Cinnamon! How can such a little girl eat such a big steak?'

Performance of the Week: Simon Helberg for the fifth time this season. He played fanatical Howard so well in this episode despite having such a small role, and always makes the most of whatever script he is given. He is now two 'performance of the weeks' ahead of his closest competitor Jim Parsons this season, and so is well on his way to becoming my TBBT star of the year.

Score: 8/10.

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