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Sag Awards 2015


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Well, that turned out exactly as I suspected. :icon_rolleyes: I'm with caffienebuzz on this one. I am not mad they lost, but as a fan of OINTB I would say they should not be in the comedy genre.

At least Mayim's dress looked pretty.

Agreed. All other options are actual comedies (Brooklyn, Veep and Modern). Orange just doesn't belong.

And for female actor and male actor both winners aren't full comedic performances. They were the only non-comedic performances in their categories... Such a disgrace what has happened to this category

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Friends was the last multi camera sitcom that wan a major award (Emmy) back in 2002. Since then the category has been a gray area. Heck rather Modern Family wan. They need to simplify the categories. If your not a comedy in the purest sense, you do not belong in the category. If your not a drama in the purest sense, you don't belong in the category. Unfortunatley the age of Netflish, and digital streaming has its impact.

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