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814 The Troll Manifestation (February 5)


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I thought the episode was alright.  I like the friendship between Sheldon/Leonard and with the girls.  


Hidden message in there about internet trolls who think they can be rude or whatever because they're anonymous was so right on point.


Bernie was adorable and liked that Amy was writing fanfiction.


I didn't mind Sheldon shirtless in the tub although it did nothing for me.  BUT I didn't find Amelia drying Cooper off especially appealing, sexy or anything.  I think their first kiss has much more chemistry in it...

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Episode was good tonight. IMO the girls were the stars of the evening. The Leonard/Sheldon storyline was okay. The sticker bit was childish and the hand holding on the mouse to send the message was weird. The worst part was the tag. The bathtub scene was a bit creepy. I could be wrong but shirtless Sheldon's back didn't match shirtless Sheldon's front. Maybe Sheldon fans like pasty white guys but it did nothing for me. Granted I'm a guy.

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I thought tonight's episode was awesome and I laughed through the whole thing. I am against bullying and internet bullying however with that said I did think that the special guest tonight (the internet bully) was actually very funny. I liked how they passed the message that it is not a good thing but did it in a funny way. It kind of pointed out that internet trolls usually just do it because they are bored and have nothing better to do with their life. The girls part of it was great I liked how they embarrassed all three girls instead of leaving out one or two of them. They each got a crack at one another. I am definitely going to have to watch this episode again tonight before I go to bed lol.

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LOVED the episode!

I loved the guys working together, the various cat posters and stickers (and it even ties in with the cat poster in the last episode), and the whole thing with the troll.

And the girls were priceless, from Penny's gorilla movie to Bernie's cupcake pageant to Amy's priceless Mary Sue fanfic, and the way Penny and Bernie got all caught up in it. :p

And even though Jim/Sheldon is pale and a little pasty, it's fitting, even in Amy's fantasy, because Sheldon is supposed to be pale and pasty. Even so, Jim's got some muscles going on, and that's always a good thing. :)

I think the whole bathing thing was supposed to be a little weird--I think that was the point. It was Amy's version of sexy, hit it obviously weirded Leonard out on probably a few levels.

But it was funny of the writers to go there. :biggrin:

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I loved the episode. I really liked how supportive Sheldon was of Leonard and his ideas. I also saw just a little bit of growth from Leonard. I enjoy when he is actually portrayed as a smart and capable person.


Bernadette was adorable in the beauty pageant clip!


I wish we had gotten to actually see Penny in the gorilla movie instead of just hearing the audio. That would have been hilarious.


I have already covered my Jim lust in a LOT of other posts and threads so here I will just say WOW! And yes, pasty white guys ARE kind of my thing.......

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From Glamour:  http://www.glamour.com/entertainment/blogs/obsessed/2015/02/big-bang-theory-melissa-rauch-interview


Melissa Rauch Spills All About Bernadette's Pageant Past On The Big Bang Theory


From Jessica Radloff...I emailed with Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) immediately after I watched tonight's episode ahead of time to get her take on this ground-breaking moment. 


There's a good chance I'm in some other orbit right now because what tonight's Big Bang Theory did was so epic, so amazing, so out of this world, that my brain pretty much exploded and sent me shooting straight up Sheldon and Leonard's elevator shaft into some other planet. Truthfully, I don't even know if that makes sense, but who cares because we have much more pressing matters to get to—mainly Bernadette's Miss California Quizno's 1999 pageant past, Amy's colonial fan fiction (who else immediately thought, American Girl doll Kirsten?), and Stephen Hawking's surprise cameo as Sheldon's bully.

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Loved tonight's episode.  It was well done all the way around.   The girls were so much fun and so was the S/L/Hawking story.  I cracked up so much when the girls yelled at Leonard right when the story was heating up.  So funny!   Really loved Sheldon and Leonard sharing a success together.  That was great to see as well.  I kind of hope that leads to a follow up story later in the season that they get recognized at work for the paper.

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Awesome episode!!  The girls embarassing each other was priceless and I like that no one really got their feelings too hurt it just turned into hilarious comedy and some of cutest Shamy moments I've seen all season.  Damn didn't Sheldon/Jim look good in that bathtub, that was really Hot.  I almost couldn't watch I was blushing so much watching that.  I really wish writers would actually publish Amy's fanfic online for fans to read it be great if that were a real story we could read online about SHAMY.   I love how much Penny, Bernadette and even leonard towards the end were into it too just goes to show you how important that relationship is to continued comedy on this show. 



I also loved the Stephen Hawking cameos and the fact that Sheldon didn't try to totally take credit for Leonard's theory or get jealous like he usually does and act like it was no big deal.  Instead Sheldon was complimentary about it and added to it, but I like that he waited to click the send button with Leonard it shows how close they've become now and how much Sheldon is starting to finally respect Leonard not just as his BFF, but as a scientist too. I hope they continue with that and don't let him slide back into treating Leonard like he's not worthy enough and is beneath him.  The soft kitty sticker he gave him was adorable. 


Bernadette's pageant video was funny also loved the spice girls reference and that we finally learned something new about her that really helps explain a LOT about her personality and why she is the way she is because yeah it totally makes sense to me now though I never would have guessed it before, but now I get it that she was a pageant girl.  LOL  


Raj's inability to come up with a proper comeback to Howard's jokes was really cute too, and kind of endearing.  Overall, solid episode that I will probably rewatch a few times too. 

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