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I'm bringing this idea over from the Shamy Spoiler thread. We think it would be fun to have Fanfiction Friday's, where each week, we highlight our amazing, talented writers on this board or of the fandom in general.There are tons of great fanfiction out there just waiting for everyone to read, but who has the time to wade through the thousands of stories on the internet? We could do theme weeks (Valentine's, Star Wars Day, etc.) ALL ships are welcome to participate.

I'm not quite sure if this idea will work so any input is greatly appreciated.

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I have a few questions I hope you wouldn't mind taking a few minutes to answer.

What kind of stories do you like to read? I tend to stick to humorous and romantic stories, primarily of the Shamy fandom. However, I recently read Love is in the Proof by Gorn on the Sofa and have to say that it was one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking stories I have ever read. If you need a good cry, that's the one to read.

Do you randomly go looking for a story, or do you wait for recommendations on the boards? I'm relatively new to fanfiction, so every story I've read so far has been based on recommendations from the boards.

Do you like one shots, novel length stories or in between? It depends upon my mood. I work crazy hours, but I try to read every night in order to wind down. I'm currently reading Intimacy Collaboration For Systemic Desensitization by Hazelra and find it very difficult to put it away for the night. I get so caught up in the story that I must know what happens next.

How do you judge a good story from a 'bad" one? Bad may not be the best use of phrase here. Anybody that takes a risk by writing a story and publishing it for public consumption deserves a ton of credit . I usually will read the first chapter of a story to see if it's something I can get into. I like "action", I.e. descriptions of the characters thoughts and actions, rather than line after line of talking.

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to fanfiction? First and foremost are spelling and grammar mistakes. Secondly. How some authors choose to write Kripke's lisp drives me crazy. When I'm reading a story, the character's voice is already in my head. The lisp writing throws me off my game and I have to slow down and think about what the writer's intent was.

What have you read recently? The Mendacity Revelation and The Family Reunion Probability Theorem by Misophonia, The Gamete Interdetermacy by xMarisolx, and Treading Waters by Yiva Borealis.

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I discovered this forum, and fan-fictions almost a year ago (prior to that I would not have known what a "fan-fiction" even was).  Since Shamy is my main reason for liking this show, I seek out Shamy oriented fan-fics.   I enjoy exploring all the possibilities of my favorite couple.  I have one requirement - the Shamy must be getting it on!  LOL - I have been known to skim thru just to make sure that this is going to happen, then go back and read.  I make no apologies, momma needs her Shamy sexy time!  It doesn't have to be graphic, but it has to be there!  Anyway, on to your questions:


I tend to pop on this forum to see what others are reading, get recommendations. I also see what stories the authors like, then I may check those stories out as well. 


There have been a few one-shots that I like, but I prefer multiple chapter stories (but not too long!) 


How to judge a "good" story from a "bad" one.....obviously very subjective here.  I give ALL the authors credit and my utmost respect for putting it all out there for the world to judge.  Not everyone is going to like it - that's a fact.  I am not great about reviewing these, but I could never bring myself to slam an author.  I prefer the third person narrative, with lots of description rather than the character dialog.  I like stories that update often.  I have read some that have lots of imagination and creativity as far as the plot lines go and I appreciate this.  And, I know I'm kind of in a minority here - but yes - I like a pregnant Amy and Shamy baby!  "Love is In the Proof" is one my all time favorite stories.  I enjoy a little angst in my Shamy stories.  Humor is optional, but being in character is a definite plus.  I would like to see more Shamy wedding stuff - but it has to be in character.  For me- this show must end with a Shamy baby/wedding whichever order.  This is what I am hopeful for.


Biggest pet-peeves? I try really hard to actually hear the characters voices as I read these.  Obviously, any scenario of the Shamy having coitus, is kind of OOC (at least at this point)!  But I really want them to be in-character as much as can be.  I don't like the ones that have too much Texas accent (because this isn't present in the show!).  Some use wording (or descriptions)  that isn't exactly what they would say (because no American would say).   That doesn't mean I don't like it, but it makes it sometimes a little difficult to get into the story if I can't hear the character saying it.   Does that make sense?  I agree about Kripke's lisp, I found this all hard to read.  Also, there have been a few "M" related scenes in at least two stories, that made me wonder if the author had actually ever had sex with anyone.  I know that sounds weird- but I actually thought this.  I don't like stories that have too many "new" characters or have expanded too much upon largely unknown characters (Meemaw).  For me, a little of that goes a long way.  But generally if it is a Shamy, I will check it out!


The most recent one that I have read was Treading Waters- and I really did enjoy this one.  I checked that for updates AT LEAST once a day- loved it LOL!  There are many, many more that I have on my list of stories I want to check out. 

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  1. I enjoy all kinds of Shamy fics, but I'm really enjoying stories that are outside of the box. There is one AU story I just adore and you should check it out, titled In the End. OMG! Love is in the Proof is one of my favorite fanfics.
  2. I go looking for fanfics and I like to take suggestions from others. Usually, when I search on my own I find a few gems.
  3. I like novel length fanfics. One shots are great, but I always wonder what happens next or the possibility of what else could happen after reading them.
  4. I have never come across a bad story, but there are some that I feel are way too crazy for my mind to comprehend. Usually after the first page, I can tell if I want to continue or not. I just wish I was talented enough to write one. I have ideas, but I have never been good at writing.
  5. Pet peeves: 1. Unfinished fanfics. Although, I do understand that life can get in the way for the writer. :shy: There are a few stories that I cannot wait to be finished because they are absolutely amazing. Concession, Moving Pictures and The Montserrat Resurgence. 2. The overuse of pet names. 3. Amy feeling uncomfortable about her body.
  6. Currently reading: The Big Reversal Theory Or the Vixen in 4B, The Fight Aftermath, The Fowler Cooper Publication Federation (aka The Shamy Book Club) and the After Dark version of this story, Adjusted Time, The 95 Degrees Destiny, The Transboundary Peregrination and The Big Bang Veracity.


There are so many fanfics that I have read which are great, but I just cannot remember them all right now, argh!

I'm searching for a good Lenny fanfic. I haven't read one and would like to start.

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Also, there have been a few "M" related scenes in at least two stories, that made me wonder if the author had actually ever had sex with anyone. I know that sounds weird- but I actually thought this.

I've seen a few stories like that. Either the words they use are strange or the positions are physically impossible. It's like "seriously, go read penthouse forum and try again." LOL

I haven't read any of those, lorlparls. Adding them to my list. :)

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There are so many fanfics that I have read which are great, but I just cannot remember them all right now, argh!

I'm searching for a good Lenny fanfic. I haven't read one and would like to start.


I haven't read a lot of Lenny fan fics, but I have read "The Departure Transformation" by I.Am.Molly.  It's a Shamy and Lenny story which I enjoyed very much.  Based on this story, I would say the rest of her work is probably equally good, and it's usually Lenny-centric.



On another note, thank you to those of you have expressed enjoyment of "Love Is In The Proof."  It totally makes the effort worth it :-)!

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Some of my favourite older stories for anyone new to ff

"The theory of objectivity" by musikat, its a must read for anyone!

Also "questions" by no73

Science of love by Sarabear

Marisols double story of "gamete" and "coitus consideration" are brilliant

And I know not everyone will agree with me here but "kalakh" has some good stories with a "triple" lot thrown in

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So for Fan Fiction Fridays, who's bringing snacks? I'll bring the bananas!!

I'll bring the brownies! (Hazelra will get the reference) seriously, I just went to the 24 hour Wal-Mart to get brownies at 12:30 in the morning. They're baking while I work on a legal brief for work. I'd much rather be enjoying Shamy goodness.... who needs sleep? ;)

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How about we also focus on the characters who are less popular to write as well?

Its mainly shamy, Lenny and another which shall not be named because it makes me annoyed but if anyone knows a good story that focuses on Raj, Howard and Bernadette maybe post them here

There was a pretty angsty one for howardette a while back with Bernie beating Howie up....

Maybe the guest characters as well like Stuart, Zack and Kripke

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What kind of stories do you like to read?

Short, sexy and well written, funny is also a bonus! Not often do I go for anything other than M rated.


Do you randomly go looking for a story or do you wait for a recommendation on the boards?

Never, I click on those writers who have reviewed my own stories.  My rationale is that firstly, I am more likely to find material that I like amongst the work of those who have a feel for my own stories, and secondly, and most importantly, feedback and reviews are how you "pay" for fanfiction, and to my mind it is very much returning the favour (plus I am very time limited which enters into the equation too). :)


Do you like one shots, novel length stories or in between?

I just can't stay the distance with the long ones, sorry, no matter how well written.  I start skipping bits (boring bits) and then it all becomes a bit pointless.  Love one shots, and really enjoy a well written novella.  Once a story gets too long I forget what has actually happened (this doesn't happen with normal everyday fiction BTW, but as all the writers, and I read almost exclusively Shamy -- though I do love a really filthy Shenny or Shelnard occasionally -- are working with the same core material, I find I get very confused very easily).


How do you judge a good story from a bad one?

By the quality of the writing.  It doesn't have to be fancy, but it does have to have a hook.  My only contradiction to my usual reading is Tensor's Chew Toy Revelations, which is not only a Lenny fic but is an epic tome of colossal proportions.  No complicated word trickery within this one but his prose is hypnotic (there's a certain iambic meter that is Tensor's very own, and it's comforting and lulling and like listening to the tales of a trusted friend).  I love good dialogue (looks for the hilarious and gloriously talented and entertaining Hazelra7 to tip hat), especially when the writer manages to capture the essence of the show and the individual characters within their words.  I also love beautiful language and imagery (Kudos to Bella Duveen and her lyrical brilliance here).  


Anything goes for me, my first choice is Shamy but I will gobble up a well written AU or non-canon starring Sheldon.


And I like sex!  Lots of sex!  Funny sex, naughty sex, silly sex, sexy sex!

However, I know just what you guys mean about some sex scenes.  Shamy first time mutual orgasms? Really!? REALLY!!!?  


And, much as I just loooooooooooooooooooooove the sex, I just hate crass and ugly words, and overly clinical language, and 'fit slot A into slot B' step by step descriptions within sex scenes, urgh!



What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to fan fiction?

When I waste my time reading someone's story and nothing bleedin' happens!  Those train of consciousness fics that meander through the character's thought process and ultimately lead nowhere beyond a bit of indulgent navel gazing.  Why? Just why?  If I read a story then I want something to happen (and that something's usually something rude ;) ).


What have you read recently?

Just finished Tensor's Chew Toy.  All of Hazelra7's short fics.  All of Bella's M-rated fics.  Oh, I'm crap at remembering names of things (but I always review so if I've visited you, you'll know, and if I have visited you then I can say with certainty that I haven't read a bad fic in absolutely ages, so kudos to you; I put this down to my only reading those who review mine method mentioned above of course ;) ).

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