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Hello from Minnesota!

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I'm new to the forum but definately not new to the show...I've been watching it pretty much since the beginning! I caught a few minutes of the first episode but then forgot what the name of the show was, and I also forgot what night it was on! So it took me a month or two until I finally found out what show it was! I got my mom into it, and my best friend, who got some other friends, it's spreading like wildfire! Well, as everyone knows the show just won Best Comedy at the People's Choice Awards so it's no longer our little secret! :icon_cheesygrin:

Anyway, as you can tell from my avatar, my favorite character is Leonard! I love him because I feel so bad for him, almost every episode has a moment where poor Leonard has something bad happen to him, and he tries so hard to be normal but he'll always be part nerd! :icon_cheesygrin:

I can't pick a favorite episode but I REALLY love the one where Leonard and Penny get drunk while the other 3 are looking for that cricket! Also the one where Leonard's mom comes to visit the first time, and Howard and Raj end up arguing just like a married couple! Also the one where they take the train, and Sheldon tries to tell Penny how to get his flash drive and Leonard has to keep taking the phone to explain things to her! :icon_lol: Ohhhh this show is just the best, isn't it?!

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