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Sheldon And Amy, 100-Word Drabbles


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OK I'm going to have a go.

“I had some interesting advice from Penny today.”


“You did?”


“On dealing with your issue.”

“My issue?”

“Yes and she gave me several suggestions on how we should do it, if we ever do it.”

“I don’t follow.”

“Twenty Two degrees.”


“Her suggestions were accompanied with rather graphic descriptions.”


“It was horrible. It was as bad as that book they gave me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You will be.”


“It was your fault I was put into that position and you have to be punished for it.”

“You’re quite correct. What did you have in mind?”

“Twenty two degrees….”

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OK another one.

“Is that the shirt from the emergency kit I left here?” Sheldon frowned.

“I made you spaghetti with little hot dogs cut up in it.” Amy said quickly. “And Strawberry Quik.”

“Why is it on a bag of rice?”


“There’s a hole in the shelve.” Sheldon took a closer at the shirt.

“Pecan Pie for dessert?”

“Looks like something’s gnawed at it.”

“The spaghetti will be getting cold.”

“That will never do.” Sheldon went over to the table and sat down. “You can tell me all about my shirt being on a 50lb bag of rice over dinner.”

“Oh crap.”

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This one came to me today. At work of all places!

"Are you comfortable?"


"Can you reach everything."

Sheldon checked. "Yes."

"Can you see well in the mirror?"

Sheldon turned and grinned at the reflection. "Everything looks good."

"We're not going to stop for a while, do you need to use the bathroom or need some water?"

"Amy, it's not like I haven't done this with you before. I'm the one in control tonight. Just relax and let me do it."

"It was nice that the gang paid for this honeymoon suite." Amy said from underneath Sheldon.

"It's Penny's type of decor." He nodded towards the mirrored ceiling, then devoured her neck.

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Her lips responded to his in a way that made Sheldon's eyes roll in his head. If he knew how wonderful it felt, maybe he would have tried kissing sooner.

Who was he kidding, there was no one worthy of kissing sooner.

Amy was the reason he was interested in kissing and more now. She was the reason he had a small velvet box in his top desk drawer.

She was brilliant, gave great advice and loved him deeply.

This is why he was burning to ask her an important question...

Should he start watching the Flash TV show?

Sorry, couldn't help myself. [emoji6]

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I took the Shamy 100 word drabble challenge.



They took their places on the dance floor waiting for the tempo of music to begin.

Their eyes locked. Sheldon placed his hand on Amy's back, her hand on his shoulder, and clasped their free hands together. They danced perfectly to the rhythm of the music, their feet and breathing in perfect sync with their beating hearts. The heat between them grew more powerful with each second.

The music stopped. It was time to separate. Instead, Sheldon pulled Amy close and kissed her.

Sheldon could no longer deny it. Amy was his breath of life. He felt alive again.








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“Friends, huh?” said Leonard…



“It’s better for me to have her as a friend, than nothing at all.”

“So, you’re playing safe?”

“No. I want to keep her close by my side.”

Penny walked in to them,

“Sheldon, Really? Friends?”


“Do you want her to date another guy again?”

“No. But if she wants, I won’t stop her.”


“Because… I love her… She deserves to be happy.”

“She’s happy to be with you.”

“How did you know?”

Penny didn’t talk…

“See? You don’t know… You just assumed, just like how I assumed she’s happy with me.”

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