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Character Ages Kind Of Creepy, How Old Are Amy, Bernadette

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10 years before the pilot 1997


Penny is 12

Sheldon 16

Howard 16

Raj 16

Leonard 17

Amy age uknown

Bernadette age unknown

Stuart is 22


the presumed last season 2017


Sheldon 36

Howard 36

Raj 36

Leonard 37

Penny 32

Stuart is 43








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Why is it creepy????

As for Amy's age, am guessing she's probably no more than 2 years younger than Sheldon, they did meet on a dating site and they were matched so very close in age

Bernie is the one 1 I don't know

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Bernie is the one 1 I don't know

A fairly good estimate for completion of grad school is five to seven years after a bachelors. Since we have no indication that Bernadette graduated high school early, so she should be around 18 when she graduated from high school and around 22 when she graduated with her bachelors. That would make her 27-29 when she got her PhD at the end of season four. Which would make her around 33-35 at the end of the show. Born around 1982-83, which would make her around 17-18 when she was in the Miss Quiznos 1999, beauty pageant, which also fits.

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