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Write A Scene.

Stephen Hawking

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Just an idea I had.


This thread is for everyone, but especially for those who are tempted to write fanfic, but are nervous or unsure.


The idea is nice and simple. You write just one scene.


No word count limit. All it needs is a beginning, a middle and an end, with a story to it.


The subject can be anything you like, so long as it's TBBT related.


A few ideas:-


Sheldon and Amy have a day at the zoo/the science museum.


Leonard and Penny visit the 'Dirty Store'.


Raj and Emily have a meal in, and watch TV.


Howard and Bernadette go to buy a new car.


The whole gang get together, to have a meal and watch Star Wars/Star Trek/play computer games.


I'll start.




RIP Gerard.
Gerard was dead, and Amy was missing him.
She felt a little better, knowing he had died in the line of duty.
He’d lived to a good age, almost 5 years, which was far more than she had expected, given how hard he had been worked.
With his absence came frustration and tension. She needed to replace her old friend, to get that familiar buzz back in her life.
Entering the store, she made her way to the display. Looking along the shelf, she was spoiled for choice.
She could buy a cheap one, but it might not last long, or she could spend more and get a better one, which would hopefully last much longer.
Finally making her choice, she selected a mid priced one. She took it to the till to pay.
The lady at the till scanned the bar-code, then asked “Would you like a tube of toothpaste to go with it?”
Amy replied “No thanks, I already have some”.
In truth, she wouldn't be needing any toothpaste, because Gerard the second, wasn't going to be that kind of electric toothbrush.
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I like this idea! And the story as well!:-) It's kind of an extension of the 100-words drabbles...

I have another idea, we could also have someone starting a story, and someone else takes over, and everyone should only write one scene... or is that what you meant, that we should continue here?

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That's not quite what I had in mind Shamour, because I see a problem with that, in that there would have to be some kind of control system (ie. someone in charge, in effect issuing assignments, like at school), to make sure we don't finish up with a dozen different chapter twos, chapter threes and so on.


Just writing one scene, rather than a whole fanfic story, wouldn't be so daunting for the newcomer, and other posters could give their constructive opinions/advice.

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Oh no, no school stuff here, this should be for fun:-)

I always like these short stories (of course I like long ones, too;-)), you "just" need one nice idea and write it without needing a long plot, that's fun... I just don't have any ideas right now;-)

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I like both Ideas, SHamour and Stephen.  I like the idea of encouraging new writers.  You only get better by doing it.  Which was why I was a sex goddess in the 90's... I mean... um... what they said..

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I like both Ideas, SHamour and Stephen. I like the idea of encouraging new writers. You only get better by doing it. Which was why I was a sex goddess in the 90's... I mean... um... what they said..

I am not at all surprised, Hazelra! :)

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I like Shamour's idea of each author adding a scene. With everyone's different writing styles, it should be quite an interesting read!


It'll need someone to organize it, as in assigning each scene to a particular member to write.


Would you like to take on the job?

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Sure!  I don't mind.  How about this...Today (April 2) and tommorow (April 3) I will leave it open for people to express interest in writing a scene.   I will add them to the list for playing this little game here.  Once I get the list, then I'll assign them each a chapter.  The chapter doesn't have to be long, it can be just a few paragraphs if that's all you want to write.  If you want to write more...have at her!  I would suggest one of the seasoned authors to start the story to get a good idea flowing (so I would assign them chapter 1).  Ha ha...I'm interested in how this story will come out...I bet it will get strange quick, but makes for a fun read.


Step 1: Get list of authors interested in playing this game.  So far from this thread I have (Please message the thread or me if interested in adding to the story):

  • Stephen Hawking
  • Shamour
  • Tthomas77
  • KaryShamy
  • Hazelra7

Step 2: I will assign each of them a specific chapter, and would request the authors to keep an eye on this thread to see when they are up!

Step 3:  Enjoy!


Great idea Stephen on getting people writing!

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OK. I'm sure I can knock up a scene/chapter.


Just a few questions:-


Firstly, will you be assigning a subject/outline to the story, or will you give the first author a free hand?


Next, do you want each contribution posted into a separate reply, or should each author quote the previous text, and add his/her contribution onto the end, thereby producing a single continuous chapter?


Finally, will you be breaking up the story into a number of Chapters, and uploading them to fanfic.net?

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To answer your questions:


1.  I was going to leave it to the first author, but if they don't have any ideas, I could give them a few suggestions.

2.  I think it would be good to quote the previous scene and then continue on with their scene so the story can flow, not so disjointedly.

3.  Well...I don't think so.   I think this is just for fun, and I have a feeling it will come out all shades of strange.



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OK here's my take on what happened to Leonard when he went to the dirty store. Spoiler for S8xE17.

The Dirty Store Confession.

Leonard and Penny were making out on the sofa in 4a he loved it when they had the apartment to themselves it was a change from always making out in 4b. Sheldon and Amy were out buying a turtle it was funny them getting a turtle, slow just like their relationship. He wanted to ask Penny something that has been on his mind for a few weeks now but with penny's tongue down his throat it was kind of hard and also he didn't want to stop. When they finally came up for air, he decided to get her attention. "Penny" she kisses his lip. "Umm," continuing the assault. "Penny I have a little confession to make" she stops and looks into his eyes and said "ahhh is this your first time,” she said sarcastically. "No, I got you something for Valentine’s Day but was too embarrassed to give it to you," Leonard said shyly. "Why?" she asked.

“Because I got it from the dirty store." She playfully hit him on the shoulder and said excitingly "you went to the dirty store without me?"

"In sunglasses and a hat and parked two blocks away."

"Well get it, get it for me" still excited as she slaps her lap rapidly. He walked to the closet behind the sofa and retrieved the contents.

"We cover ourselves with body paint and get on this big canvas and do our thing it’s kind of creative and artistic." She looks at him oddly. He panics "you don't like it I knew it was a bad idea."

"No, no Leonard it's a good idea let do it. She gets up and head to her apartment followed by Leonard.

"If you go back to the dirty store I want to go with you," Penny stated.

"It's a drive all the way to San Diego but No... Never going back."

You went all the way to San Diego to go to a dirty store?" Penny was puzzled.

"Yeah I didn't want to go to one in Pasadena and maybe get seen. Leonard said with a grin.

They entered penny's apartment and sat on her sofa and began to set up the canvas, Leonard reading the instructions while penny was checking out the paint. She enquired. "Why don't you want to go back with me?"

"It's not that I don't want to go back with you I just think that I can't show my face in their anymore.

"Leonard what did you do?" biting down on her lower lip. "It's kind of embarrassing" playing with his hands." It can't be that bad?" He shrugs his shoulder "I can't tell you because you're just going to laugh."

"Honey nothing you do is embarrassing to me. You can tell me, and I promise not to laugh." Penny said with sympathies. "You promise?"

"I promise." crossing her heart.

"OK, after I purchased the painting and canvas as I was about to leave I wanted to see if there was any erotic movie that we could watch together."

"That's so sweet did you find one?"

"Yeah, no as I was looking at the shelves of DVDs one caught my eye. I looked around nervously to make sure no one was looking and went to grab it but with my shaking hand knocked one DVD over. He went silence, when he didn't continue, Penny asked "What happened?" He looked away. It took the whole shelf of DVDs down like a domino effect and the ones below as well in the opposite direction as I tried to catch the one I dropped."

Penny burst out laughing and fell off the sofa. “You promised" she was in tears as she apologized "I'm sorry that was funny" still laughing. "It was embarrassing, and the storekeeper yelled at me to behave and everyone was looking at me and smiling as I picked up the DVDs one at a time and put them back on the shelves. I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me they were people taking pictures on their phone."

"Did you, I’m sorry (Not able to stop laughing) did he make you put them all back up" holding her chest and trying to calm her breathing.

"Yes and it nearly happened again as I put the last one back up."

That was it Penny couldn't take it anymore she practically wet herself with laughter.

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this is just a scene i had in my head... nothing too fancy.... enjoy  :shy: 


Apartment 4B was occupied with girls … apartment 4A was empty except for Sheldon. Leonard was out getting the food, Raj was with Emily and Howard had some things to finish up at work before joining the guys for game night. Sheldon sat in his spot looking at the door and then down to his hand in which he held his phone securely. He decided he was going to do it. He texted Amy and within minutes she was knocking on his front door.


“Hello Amy,” he said with a smile as he watched her come in.

“What’s going on Sheldon? Why did you ask me to come over so quickly? Another splinter?” she asked rather annoyed.

“Amy, I did not text you to come over to engage in idle chit chat,” he replied.

“Then why did you ask me?”

“Because all I can think about is how much I want to kiss you,” he answered as he stared into her bright green eyes. Amy just stood there blinking. It was like deja vu… it was her exact fantasy coming true.

“Ho... how… do you want to kiss me Sheldon?” she stammered.

“Like mommies and daddies do,” he spoke in almost a whisper as he leaned down.

Amy was stunned… ‘How did he know,’ she thought… ‘There’s no way he could have possibly known’. She put her arms on his chest to stop him from approaching any further.

“Wait!  Pinch me,” she managed to say hoarsely as she looked him in the eyes.

Sheldon raised his brows and looked at her as if she were crazy. “What! Why? Is this some newfangled thing kids are doing nowadays? ”

“Please Sheldon... just pinch me first.” Sheldon decided that if he were ever going to kiss her before Leonard got back, he would just comply with her wishes. So he pinched her upper arm.

“OUCH!” Amy yelled back but the sting of pain reassured her that this was truly happening and it was not just another one of her fantasies.

She proceeded to say, “Okay, you can kiss me now.”


Sheldon didn’t bother asking any further questions, he just slid his right hand behind her neck and pulled her to him. Their lips met for what seemed to be just another one of their chaste kisses but he wanted more...so much more. With each passing second, their kiss got deeper and more intense. Amy’s head started to spin and her knees weakened until Sheldon backed her up against the door- mainly for his support as he also felt as though the earth would drop below them any second. The kisses alternated from passionate to a mere peck and then to passionate again until they were both gasping for air.



That was definitely the most earth-shattering, mind-boggling kiss Amy has ever received. It exceeded any and all expectations she ever had.

Sheldon looked hot- and not just his appearance- his cheeks were flush and his pulse had accelerated dramatically but he seemed pleased that his girlfriend was speechless. He had just rocked her world and he took pride in that.


They both took a moment to regain their composure.

“Oh, Sheldon…” Amy remarked as she looked up at him.

“Okay little lady… now go back to Penny’s before Leonard returns.

Still in a daze, Amy starts to leave but takes one more look back at her magnificent and full of surprises boyfriend. He was leaning against the door way watching her cross the hall and the only sound heard was a slight whisper of the word ‘vixen”.

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