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Additional Rules For The Fan Fiction Forum


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We want the Fan Fiction forum to be a place where people feel comfortable posting their work and are able to receive valuable feedback without being subject to derogatory comments. We also recognize that not everyone who writes Fan Fiction is a member here and we feel it's unfair that the author may not be aware of, and cannot defend their story against, derogatory comments. We have added four rules to better explain the framework that governs this forum. In many cases, these rules merely express what we were already considering when moderating this board.


Reviews of fan fiction should offer constructive criticism. This does not preclude negative reviews, but it does mean people should express the reasons they dislike a story or believe it can be improved. Negative comments left without a reason or explanation could be misconstrued as being part of a wider agenda.


 The Forum and Chat rules have been updated, the new rules can be found in content section, Section 2, H.  

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