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As a great shamy fan, I'm so excited after reading the taping report for the season finale! Can't wait till Friday, to read about it. I'm from Germany, we have the show 6 months later on TV.

To not only read about it, but also be part of the shamy fans and express my feelings about this absolutely touching, adorable, heartbreaking lovestory, I registered here. By the way, I'm a great physics fan as well. At the age of 16 I had the dream to be a particle physicist when grown up. And I'm a great Star Wars and Star Trek Fan. (Star Trek above Star Wars. TNG above Voyager. Child of the 80's.) On the top of this I'm a fan of love stories. So how could tbbt be not my favourite series?


I "inhale" shamy fanfiction and already tried by myself (only a half capitel about the kiss in 7 x 15, it's much more difficult to write than to read, so I admire all that gifted writers).


So I'm happy to be here. Please excuse my bad English. Mixture between school English and dictionary.


Have a good time till May 7th!



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Thank you for further welcome words. I'm already feeling comfortable here.






 BTW: You don't sound Bavarian (LOL) !


I konn a in boarisch schreim, aba dann vaschdäds ja koana!

= I also could write in Bavarian, but then no one would understand.

Except the word "I", which is identical in English and in Bavarian (but not in German). In Bavarian you pronounce it like an "e".

Edited by Bavarian ShamyShipper Girl

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