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When Did Amy's Mother Die?

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After watching episode 3 of Season 7, I was left with this question... Amy was introduced in S03E23 after the weird online dating thing, saying that she has an agreement with her mother to date at least once a year. Then in S07E03, when they go on the scavenger hunt, Howard and Amy are paired together. When they are building the puzzle, Howard says to her "Wow, you're really good at puzzles", to which she replies "I did them all the time as a kid. As my mom used to say: when you're doing a puzzle, it's like having a thousand friends. She was full of fun lies like that". Is she implying that her mother died? Because her mother is never mentioned on the show, and at least Howard's mom got a send-off...

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I think it just means that that was something her mother said when Amy was a child, or was at home, not implying that her mother had passed away.


As far as the show goes, Amy's mother is still alive.  She just doesn't factor into the stories much except when Amy references things her mother has said or done.  Since Amy lives on her own, I imagine that her mother doesn't pass on such pearls of wisdom much anymore.  Especially now that Amy has a real boyfriend.


I think the more interesting question is whatever happened to Amy's father.  We've heard all about Amy's various cousins and aunts, but never about her father.


My personal head-canon is that Amy's mother got pregnant maybe when she was in high school or college and maybe had her plans for the future derailed, with the father either never knowing about the pregnancy or not caring, and that that's wny she always seemed to be cautioning young Amy against doing things like having sex or hanging out with certain kinds of "kids".  Perhaps, though, she felt that once Amy became an adult, she needed to have a social life, thus the once-a-year date thing.

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