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The Sweet Compounder

Hi Everyone. I'm New!

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I don't know if some of you saw me commenting already *without introducing myself, sorry*. 


So, I'm a fan of TBBT ever since I could remember. 


Season 1-5 when Penny's relationship with Leonard was very rocky. I was always rooting for them even though my friends *also a fan of tbbt* were saying they could not end up together lol. And now. boooyah!


Never would have thought Sheldon would have a girlfriend. 


Instantly got hooked with Shamy. They have something you get really excited about.


I love Howardette. They are so cute, literally. JK


Raj and Emily, I think Raj will love her completely. And Emily would open up to him more. *this are just my opinions, I could be right or wrong.*


Season 8 finale got my heart sinking even though I read spoilers, ohh Shamy. Just full of surprises. But as I said, I'm more excited on how they are going to amend their relationship.


Btw, still think the only reason why the kiss incident of Leonard be a big deal because he didn't say it when he got back. Nothing more, its just a kiss for me.


Again. all are my opinions. 


Oh btw, I made the signature for the forum. Actually used Photo-shop (i'm, a noob), wanted them to look really cute.. Hopefully it's not too ugly or too much. 

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Welcome to the madness! I thought that I recognized your screen name! Your sig picture is awesome! I <3 the quote you used.

I'm cautiously optimistic about where the writers are going to take Shamy and Lenny in season 9. They dropped the ball in the premiere. There was soo much potential after the train trip. I was very disappointed in the way that concluded. I guess that's why we have fanfiction. ;) I really want to see Sheldon have to fight to win Amy back. Do I think she overreacted? Yes. However, I also believe that Mayim was supposed to have a larger storyline in the build up to the finale and due to her tragic personal situation, it had to be cut out.

Anyway, welcome and enjoy!

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Welcome to the forums Sweet Compounder.  I hope you enjoy your time here.   Don't forget to look at the main site. 

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