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Where Does Bernadette Get That Cardigan?


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Where does Bernadette get the little cardigans she wears over most of her dresses? Over the last few seasons, she wears the same style of cardigan over almost every dress she appears in. She must have one in every color of the rainbow, or so it seems. The style and details are always the same, so you know it is the same type of cardigan each time. I haven't found anything like it through the usual mall retailers and such. 


I would LOVE to be able to get that exact cardigan you see in the show. Does anyone know where I can buy Bernadette's little cardigans?!?

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EBay.... as cheap as chips....


...and I've recommended these guys before, they do the most fabulous 'Bernadettey' vintage style print dresses and ship worldwide (I've never worn one of their masterpieces without someone saying "OMG, where'd you get that, I love it" (they've even got Dr Suess material in, drool). Not quite as cheap as chips but amazing value considering it's practically haute couture; you can order to specification (no boobs too big, no waist too small). Love this company!


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According to Knitting Tips by Judy http://www.knittingtipsbyjudy.com/cel10.html, the cardigans Bernadette wears were custom made for her (Melissa Rauch) by Judy.  However, Pinup Girl Clothing http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=crop+cardigan has a bunch of different color crop cardigans in a wide range of sizes that are very  much Bernadette's style.  :yes:

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