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Hi To All :)


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Hi, I'm Federica and I'm from Italy.

I've followed this forum since my big bang theory fever began, almost two years ago and I decided to create this account. 

I love the series, I've started to watch it six years ago but probably I was too young to understand it. I rewatched it two years ago during the summer rerun and fell in love for it.

I love all the carachters, they are perfect!

I love all the actors, they are fantastic but I have a special love for Jim. He is fantastic as Sheldon, and also in all the other things he did/ does.

I hope to have a great exeperience in this forum during this summer and in the future (and I hope to not make mistakes since English is not my native language but I study it at the university!)

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Welcome to the forums Federica, I hope you enjoy your time here.  Your English is pretty good as it is, just a few minor things.  Don't forget, even those who speak English will have errors in their posts.  We have a website here also, which you can reach by clicking on the logo on the left of the header.  Please have a look.  

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