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[Spoilers] Lenny: Season 9


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Some eye candy for you guys. I know you're always short on screencaps. I'm gonna be in a good mood today. :shy:


Not gonna join the discussions, though. Maybe during a longer hiatus when there are no spoilers around!

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I come away with two thoughts from the cold open

1. I know what TPTB say and I have heard all you guys but to me after seeing the episode, it was total Shenny pandering, purely for shock value there was nothing it brings to the episode they couldn't have easily done another way or omitted entirely

2. Kaley has Awesome legs.



Those legs are amazing.

The kiss was a treat thrown to the Shenny as it had really nothing to do with the episode except shock the fans.

Leonard has never considered Sheldon a threat for Penny sexually. His other nightmare of him breast feeding Sheldon is more in tune with their past. If Leonard wanted to dream fret about a friend making out with Penny he has Howard, Raj and Stewart, all who have tried to actually makeout with her.


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I'm a hot air balloon, I could go to space


With the air, like I don't care baby by the way


Because I'm happy


Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof


Because I'm happy …







Oh! Hey everybody! [Karen fans her hands, pushing the white fluffy cloud away, waving at the crowd below] Look at me! I’m way up here on Cloud 9! Oops! Sorry! Let me turn the music down! [Karen reaches over and clicks off the music. Happy by Pharrell Williams suddenly stops]. Wow! [Karen puts her hand to her brow, scanning the ground below] Look at all of you down there! You look like little ants!




Well, I guess you’re wondering what I doing, just floating up here on Cloud 9.




I just wanted to give you my thoughts on TBBT that aired last night The Strawberry Pop Tart Redemption! Wait … what? [Karen puts a hand to her ear as Strawberry yells up from the ground].  Oh, yes! That’s right! My bad! The Separation Oscillation! I just wanted to give you my thoughts on The Separation Oscillation!







One word:




YES! YES! FINALLY! Can I get a fucking ‘Hells yeah’! FINALLY!








I agree. That’s more than one word.




OH MY GOD! I loved it!




To understand my absolute joy, let’s just go and take a step backwards in time. We are now back in November, 2014, Season 8 of TBBT. Lenny has been a trickle in Season 8 thus far, and now they begin to slowly disappear. We wait for Lenny’s return. It is a bad time [IMO]. The Lenny’s are a tad divided, some of us can wait patiently, some of us cannot and we squabble amongst ourselves. Adding to this, some Shamys tell us in effect, even though Leonard and Penny have very little on screen time, ‘they’re together and not fighting, you should be happy’. Grrrr. These are dark times [IMO]. Then in March, we finally get some Lenny loveliness, in Colonization and Thermalization. We have absolute glory in Graduation [IMO] and then … Nograv’s ‘Acme Anvil’ drops. Ka-Pow! Leonard cheated. And then we have all summer to squabble amongst ourselves, with crucifying cries of ‘Leonard’s a cheater’ from all sides. And now we have the long summer to wait from May to August to see how, or if, it resolves. As a rule, I usually don’t enjoy the freshman episode of TBBT. For me, the first show is usually not that good. I was convinced, and hoping, there would be no marriage. When we got the TR in August that they married, it sounded very ugly, minimized, and dismissive. But I reserved judgment.  And [IMO] it was as ugly and as denigrating as it sounded.  I read the fan response on social media sites and although some folks were happily sewing, trying to turn that sow’s ear into a silk purse [IMO], I was gratified to see the overwhelming condemnation of that horrible wedding [IMO]. I wasn’t alone.  [IMO] From November 2014 to August 2015, with the exception of a few episodes, we had very little satisfying, beautiful, heartfelt, vintage Lenny.




That is, until last night.




Oh my goodness! That was an absolutely wonderful episode!




The Shenny Kiss. [IMO] and I commented on this earlier, I too agree with some that kiss was just pandering to the Shenny. I fully believe that if Leonard was having an anxiety dream about someone kissing Penny, he’d imagine Kurt or an amalgam of all the tall, strong, handsome men who we have seen previously at Penny’s door. The Shenny kiss was pandering [IMO]. BUT, for me, the kiss was completely neutralized by Sheldon’s comment about ‘saving my best friend’s marriage’.  For me, that made it a very non-Shenny, pro-Lenny moment.




I had several LOL moments:




‘If you want to see less of me, we should go out again.’




‘If you think it’s hard having one wife, try having two’, as Howard gives a small nod in Raj’s direction.




Leonard’s ‘Wake up, wake up, wake up!’




Leonard: ‘Am I being weird?’


Sheldon: ‘Yes. And that’s coming from me.’




Sheldon’s mini-meltdown and manic disintegration during the solo ‘Fun with Flags’ episode.


‘Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler has chosen to end her relationship with me. I’m going to pause here and let that sink in.’


His right hand comment and the Czech Republic comparative. Oh no he didn’t!




Leonard: ‘I got married recently!’


Mandy: ‘Congratulations! To Sheldon?’




Mandy: ‘You should talk to a therapist about that.’


Leonard ‘Too expensive.’




Leonard: ‘Mother never took an interest in me.’


Mandy: ‘Imagine that’ [with an accompanying eye roll]




Leonard: ‘In a cave nursing a baby and the baby had Sheldon’s head.’


Mandy: ‘And your wife is worried about me?’




A few Revelations:


Mandy. I liked her quite a lot! She really seems to be quite the party girl. Her surprised, ‘Oh no! Did I sleep with you too?’ makes me think, although we still lack the full details [and please know that I am desperately trying to preserve pristine Leonard] that maybe Mandy was the instigator to the event. Don’t know but maybe that could be argued. 




Penny had a very interesting reveal last night. When she was talking with the girls, her comment when she was talking about her previous boyfriends ‘I knew those guys weren’t above cheating because … usually that’s how we met.’ Hmmm. Very interesting. Seems like Penny could have been ‘the other woman’ in a few situations. Again, we don’t know but her comment makes me think we just had a glimpse at some of the squirmy things under Penny’s rock. 




Leonard’s head space is really … rather … complicated. Nursing a baby in a cave with Sheldon’s face? Shit like that comes from a very weird place. Good job Bev!




Leonard! Wow! You truly are the ‘Mac Daddy’! He’s had so many beautiful women! Mandy was gorgeous!




OK – now to the best part.




The wonderful, tender, sweet, glorious Lenny! Truly there was Strawberry Pop Tart Redemption last night! I got filled up several times during Leonard’s and Penny’s conversation on her couch. Leonard’s heartbreaking ‘I don’t even understand why you’re with someone like me!’ [Sob!]




‘I loved you since the moment we met and I will keep loving you until the end of time.’ [Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!]




I LOL when Leonard tried to push his luck, with his ‘your beauty fills my heart with song’ or some such Hallmark card nonsense! But then:




‘Penny Hofstadter. Will you please stay married to me?’ [Sob! Sob! Sob!]




As a ‘Glass Half Empty-ist’, I know the writers, who I will never fully trust, will be giving us some nonsense down the road that will enrage me once again. But just for right now, after months of aching and searing disappointment, I have gotten Lenny bliss once again and am happily floating on Cloud 9!




[Karen reaches over and turns up the music]




Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth


Because I'm happy


Clap along if you know what happiness is to you


Because I'm happy


Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do









Brilliantly written. My eyes were tearing up on that scene. Happiness and joy has returned to Lenny Land! And there was much rejoicing...

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"I've loved you since the first moment we met and I'll keep loving you until the end of time." 

If you needed a wedding redo, there it is ! What a lovely confirmation of the love we never really doubted we were given last night. It was great to see the love win over the doubt and the joy chase away the anxiety. And the Hofstadters laughing together again! :kissing:

Agree. I would like to see something formal though. At this stage the only thing would be a renewing of vows of some sort. Don't think they'll do it, though.

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I watched the episode again and thought of this

kaley-cuoco-and-big-bang-theory-gallery frodo.jpg

And this

"You ask how long I'll love you, I'll tell you true

Until the twelfth of never I'll still be loving you."

I would like them to have a Halloween episode and her wear that again, could you imagine Leonard's eyes when he saw her, especially since she is his wife.

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Would they be like Mel Brooks Robin Hood where they robbed from the rich, gave to the poor and kept enough for expenses Sent from my XT1056 using Tapatalk

Sure. You gotta eat.:russian:And Friar Tuck has a big appetite.

can we compromise, say Green Arrow and Black Canary Penny would look a great in that costume

Are they a couple? I like Leonard in his Green Lantern costume.:tender:

tumblr_le3j4jaEC11qarkuho1_500Green Lantern.gif

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Sure. You gotta eat.:russian:And Friar Tuck has a big appetite.

Are they a couple? I like Leonard in his Green Lantern costume.:tender:

one of the hottest in the DCU and her costume is sexy as hell 

Penny and PopTart both mixup the Green heroes.... Sigh!

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Howard as friar tuck, Sheldon as little John and of course Raj would be the sheriff.  I don't know about Amy and Bernadette or Emily, I guess they could be wenches.  Leonard and Penny would make a great Robin and Marion, but I still like the cat costume.

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