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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 9


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7 hours ago, serena_nyc1995 said:

You might be right,but eh...they got back together, that is what writers wanted most viewers to remember. But  overall, I didn't laugh at/ with Shamy as a couple this entire season. 

Anyone else feel that Shamy were funnier in season 8 ? I'm not talking about relationship 'progress' but just fun couple stories- all the scenes like optimizing anxiety in the lab, doing fun with flags, wearing costumes, making the Mars video, doing basket weaving, writing Dr. Who+ LHOP fan fiction, making a fort, doing experiments on others and so on.....it was.....idk.... nice and different. Even the ILY was quite nicely done(alien parasite n all).  Hopefully that comedy aspect returns in season 10, for all characters, not just shamy. This is after all, a sitcom, at the end of the day.

They were funnier in Season 8 but that's because Season 9 was more about drama especially those first 10 episodes. Then they obviously got back together had that landmark moment in their relationship in episode 11 but then overall after that they slowed it down again probably because the writers felt that had enough major screen time and wanted to make sure other character's storylines were progressed. I think both Jim and Mayim probably found it refreshing to do something different this season.

Now they are back together I think they will have more comedy between them next Season and the same should be said for the whole cast. Raj potentially could have drama if they decide to blow up his relationships, but everything else points to a fun and more comedic season.

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Not sure if this was posted from Hollywood Reporter.  http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/game-thrones-walking-dead-directors-902422/item/steve-levitan-emmy-director-picks-902451

  • Mark Cendrowski

    The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Ep. 11, "The Opening Night Excitation"

    Courtesy of CBS

    "The episode where Sheldon [Jim Parsons] and [Mayim Bialik] finally sleep together was great. It answered the will-they-or-won't-they question that fans have asked for a long time, but it also encapsulated what we want this show to be — funny but also sweet. And the way it came about was totally organic. Nothing about it was ever forced. We just go along with our stories, and sometimes you see a chemistry that works. So we never project too far ahead.

    For that episode, we all knew what was going to happen, but I wanted to do a big reveal for the audience. I'd show Sheldon in a single shot, saying, 'I enjoyed that more than I thought I would!' And then we'd see Amy there with her hair messed up and breathing heavily, saying, 'Yeah, me too!' To sell this idea to our producers, I actually had a prop guy stand in front of Mayim at the run-through to keep her completely covered until the big moment. So she was revealed to everyone on set the same way the camera would reveal it to the audience. The producers loved that, saying, 'That's just the way we pictured it.'

    I tried not to make too much of the scene, though. We just did one rehearsal and the run-through where we messed her hair up, but other than that, we saved it for the audience. I realized that you didn't have to pound the scene into people's heads. It's more effective to keep it simple and not make too much out of it. And it was our highest-rated episode of the season, so we all went, 'Yeah, that's what people wanted to see.' "

    Cendrowski also has directed episodes of CBS' The Odd Couple this season.


    Steve Levitan

    Modern Family (ABC), Ep. 19, "The Party"

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OMG, she is so beautiful in that picture.

Every time I see it, it takes my breath away. :maninlove: 

On 6/14/2016 at 3:03 AM, serena_nyc1995 said:

I still think Opening Night is slightly better of the two episodes, but that is just my opinion.

I agree, and not just because of the Shamy scenes.

The Sheldon-Penny-Bernadette kitchen counter scene was great, as was the Amy-Penny-Bernadette stairs scene, and the movie theater scenes.

Edited by Stephen Hawking
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On 2016/4/3 at 5:32 AM, Bella Duveen said:

He's always wanted her - a man will always buy a drink for a woman he's attracted to.

God,I love this sentence so much.

yes,these three gulps make me believe in him really physically wanting her . (gifs from other fans on Tumblr .) thank you shamy fellas.

thanks a lot to the gulps ,without them ,I could not imagine what were Amy waitng for ,for years.

I've been too late to catch up to so many spectacular shamy discussions. But my English is poor,so that's it.





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