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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 9


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I booked Wednesday off next week and I'm glad I did now, whatever the news we get, am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to concentrate at work afterwards


And again with the darn quote system! I didn't even quote anyone this time!



I'm thinking of taking Wednesday off, too because I have a feeling I'll be up all night.

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This episode would be considered the last Sweeps episode, wouldn't it, because the following Thursday would be Thanksgiving, right?  So it could very well be very significant, whether or not it turns out to be the reconciliation.

I wouldn't be surprised, either way.  It could be that they end up being matched for each other, if the boys have put Sheldon on the same dating site as Amy, or it could just be that they run into each other in the hallway or at work and start discussing the dating thing--"I only tried it because I thought you were wanting to move on from me..."--or they could finally have the real discussion.  Or perhaps it will be a Thanksgiving episode and they're kind of forced to confront each other because of whatever plans the gang has.

With Mayim's assessment of the episode being beautiful, well, it could mean romantic beautiful, as in S/A getting back together or having that talk, or it could be poignant beautiful, like them having a conversation, but it ending up being more emotional, like that hallway scene.

Either way, I'm up for it!

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My reaction to like 80% of the stuff I read here today. You guys really have a talent to pull the most upsetting and far-fetched scenarios out of thin air. I'd make a proper post if I had more time but not today. In the meantime please calm down. You're your own worst enemy right now! Have a hot beverage, practise some kolinahr and have a consoling group hug!

I was going to give you - and us - this:


But then Mayim posted this (thank you for sharing it here, BTW):


And it was so much better than my virtual hug <3 I'm totally freaking out!! I know I shouldn't, for my mental health, but right now I can't help it... :party: Even if it's a small glimmer of hope, who cares! ;)

And this:



A big LOL :rofl:

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Well sometimes Mayim has led us astray with her posts....I am trying to remain calm, although I am cautiously optimistic about the episode.   But I still remember some of her past descriptions were nothing like how the audience responded to episodes.... No matter what, it sounds like at least Shamy are in scenes together which is going to be encouraging because their scenes have been few and far between this season and they have been brief.  So for that alone I am happy.   But I am also, as I said, cautiously optimistic that we are finally turning in the right direction if not a full on reconciliation.   Praying for the best!  :yes: 

Awww, is this your fist time (here) ?  :icon_redface: :icon_cheesygrin:



This is perfect!   Totally describes our fandom!   LOL!  


  5 minutes ago, Stephen Hawking said:

This bit should, of course, be heard in Sheldon's voice. :) 

Totally agree!

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Would Amy be having 3rd date sex?

I doubt it.

While Amy has evolved socially (She's no longer a mousy wallflower, but rather she's "like some kind of downtown hipster party girl! With a posse, a boyfriend, and a new lace bra that hooks in the front of all things!" :icon_biggrin: ), I still can't see her jumping into bed with someone, on the third date.

Probably closer to the thirtieth date.

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I don´t have words for Mayim´s post. I´m torn between fangirling and freaking or staying calm, because I fear to get disappointed, if we don´t get to see a shamy talk or reconciliation. But now matter what kind of scene it will be, as long as I can see my two beloved characters in one scene I´m happy.

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