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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 9


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I hear you Loriparis. As a Lenny I'm really weary of the couple getting interrupted during an important moment.

I feel the same way about Lenny, when Penny and Leonard have their much needed conversation, there shouldn't be any distractions or interruptions.

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The season 8 finale will be aired for the first time in Australia tonight. I'm looking forward to being able to see it in its entirety. I don't think it will make the wait for season 9 any easier, though. 


Cannot wait! I've already seen all the snippets on YouTube so I'm excited to see the full episode! 


My family are all unspoiled so it will also be interesting to see their reactions! 

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just saw the finale in Australia my verdict is that shamy engaged by episode 2 I hope it was so sad

just saw it it was so sad they  have to get back together they belong together  please get engaged please shamy

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Sheldon has that slight possessiveness when it comes to people he loves (Leonard, Mary Cooper, and Amy). I want his possessiveness shaken while on a break from Amy. Reminded me of his lines in The Gorilla Dissolution:

Koothrappali: Wouldn't you be upset if you saw Amy out with someone else?

Sheldon: Can't happen. We have an ironclad relationship agreement which precludes her from physical contact with anyone other than me. (read: I don't think what he meant when he drafted this clause was solely about hand holding, hugging or kissing.In terms of being "ironclad", Amy can break several clauses in the RA which Sheldon doesn't mind.At this point,in Sheldon's universe, any physical act done to the opposite sex,whether an act done within Amy's conscious level (ie, shake hands with a male colleague or something harmless like that) or an act defined within Sheldon's concept of "physical" (ie, shake hands with Kripke or Stuart), may be defined by Sheldon as "physical", so hell hath no fury, Sheldon will turn into "crazy bastard" mode.)

Koothrappali: But you don't have sex with her either.

Sheldon: (SCOFFS) Slick, huh? (read: This is his way of controlling Amy and himself, in terms of physical contact. The fifth anniversary makeout session was Sheldon's "physical contact" breaking point, which unfortunately coincided with Amy's patience breaking point.)

While I don't think Amy will date another person (I hope) while on a break, I want Sheldon to be driven really paranoid about what Amy could be doing outside of work,without him or anyone from the social group.

I agree with you so much on this. It would be great fun to have most of season 9 with them chasing each other. Sometimes when couples on TV are put together it can get boring and I would not like that at all if the SHAMY were made into a boring TV couple. Think of the possibilities of what the writers could do. I still think my idea if Sheldon taking Amy to court over the Relationship agreement.

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Alright, so the finale has officially aired in Australia...

My family's verdict? Sheldon and Penny will get together. Apparently.

What even.

Seriously though, it was not fun having to relive that finale all over again.

Did they not see The Intimacy Acceleration where they basically see each other as having a sibling like relationship?

I don't mind limited Shenny scenes but God forbid if the show did try and pair them together and make Shenny end game by the series finale, I will check out so f**king fast and NOT come back at the slightest hint of that happening, and I know I won't be the only one by a long shot.

I think the ratings drop would be so dramatic if that were to happen that tptb would panic big time and try to correct it and screw up the show beyond repair for me. It would be too late for me and I would be done.

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I can't find who said it now, but there was a post on tumblr about someone saying Sheldon was flirting with Penny when he answered the door to her triple knocking thing


I didn't take it that way at all. I took it as Sheldon saying, "Ah ha!! You tried my triple knocking and found you actually like it, huh? See I'm not crazy." I can completely see that comment running through his head with that smile and it made me laugh.

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