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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 9


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Sheldon.... and..... Amy..... had...... SEX!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!

I can´t.... I can´t....... (hyperventilating)

Seriously, I didn´t expect this, after 9.10. I feel like flying through the air, like unicorns galloping on a rainbow, that shines out of my... well you know what I mean. lol

I was fangirling so hard, that I was sure, my neighbours would ring at my door or would call the ambulance. But I´m sure they will have to, because I´m going to die because of so much happy Shamy love, right after these two episodes have aired!

This episode sounds so perfect, I was melting away when I read how Sheldon skipped the Star Wars premiere to be with Amy (this is such a HUGE step for him!) and how he placed candles all over the room and lit them (Imagine them in the middle of an ocean of  candles, shining around them while Sheldon asks her if she would like to get physical with him... This is so beautiful!)

Or the fact, that he lays in her bed, waiting for her (I mean HE IS IN HER BEAD!!!, I can´t count the times I´ve been dreaming of this to happen) and she appears all nervous, enters in her bed and they kiss passionately IN BED. (This is better than everything I´ve ever imagined)

And then both laying in bed afterwards holding hands and Sheldon admitting that he enjoyed it ( Oh Sheldon, you will enjoy it even more, when you discover all these little parts of enjoy, that making love with someone you love contain)

There are so much more things I could name for sweet Shamy moments, but at the moment I´m not able to name them, because I´m still shaking and everything is so overwhelming for me.

I just hope we get to see the reactions of the gang, I think they will totally freak out and ask them about every detail (I really hope we get some little details of IT). I would love to see the boys asking him about every detail and then Leonard stands up and says: "Sheldon, we were not sure if this ever happen, but just for the case it would, we prepared something for this ocassion. Guys are you ready?" Raj and Howard nod and stand up as well, so they and Leonard start to dance around wildly singing: "Shelly got laid! Shelly got laid! Shelly got laid!"

Sheldon looks at them confused and tells them to stop, because they remind them of some chickens. They stop and look at him.

Sheldon grins and says: "Bazinga! No continue, I´m starting to like this one!" leans back in his spot and watches them dancing around the living room still singing.

And in the next scene we see the girls shouting and dacing around Amy as well singing: "Amy got laid! Amy got laid! Amy got laid!"





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3 minutes ago, Soopysue said:

Is there another TR ? If so can you PM me too pretty please, I wouldn't even know how to share it even if I wanted to lol - not that I would :) 

I think you may know this but I still did pm you the link...

2 minutes ago, Geegor said:

Pm too? I'd really appreciate it thanks :)

I did, please your inbox :) enjoy

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