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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 9


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23 minutes ago, Amy Fowler said:

Haha I've pretty much just said this over on the discussion thread (yes I've welcoming the backlash!) its true though. Especially after his conversation with Leonard at the end of the Spock episode. He needs to choose real people in his life over the fictional people in his life. I guess cause Star Wars has been long awaited it's understandable, he's been hyped up about that before all this stuff with Amy blew up so why should he put Amy first when she's always known he'd pick SW. I'm convinced her reaction to Penny and Bernie revealing Sheldon's plans also had the 'OMG he's spending my birthday with me?!' element to it. Look at her last birthday when she spend it alone bless her. If only she knew what would happen a year on!

I'd like that too. Say that saw it the morning after.... after morning coitus of course :biggrin: 

Did she spend last birthday alone? I thought that was her imagining what life without Sheldon was like, wasn't it?

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This has got to be the best damn fan fiction I have ever read if I do say so myself!!!!! :read: =  :girldance:

( yes... still THAT stunned!) 

she's wearing a white nightie... he's wearing a white shirt... like a virgin indeed... touched for the very first time! 

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1 hour ago, vonmar said:

From Kerry's friends report....the bolded part  :icon_cheesygrin:

 Bernie asks if she thinks Sheldon will really go through with it. Penny tells her he seems ready. She gave him a few pointers about what girls like, and after he stopped giggling, he seemed confident.

WHAT did she tell him that made him giggle?  Oh Shelly.

I LOVE that part. So Sheldon....innocent  (not for long) little Sheldon. LOL....giggling at embarrassing info being given to him by Penny.

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16 hours ago, tmp said:

How the hell are we supposed to go on about our lives tomorrow?  I have a goofy grin on my face that isn't going anywhere.  Shamy fans everywhere will be calling in sick, LOL.

Tell me about it.  I read the news before my 7AM staff meeting started and it took all I had to be all giddy and stupid during the meeting.



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8 hours ago, Amy Fowler said:

Argh. They can get over themselves. IT WAS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN SHENNYS.


No shit!  Lenny are now married, so according to the Shennies, she is denying herself her true love of Sheldon to marry Leonard and Amy is the fiery temptress who stole him away from her (This is just my thoughts on what is going through their heads).  Wow...

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1 hour ago, Kathy2611 said:

We already know.  It was mentioned already.  Tag scene, proton visits him again to ask him how it went.  Sheldon starts talking about the movie and proton asks what about Amy and he says what she thought of the movie.  The joke was proton was asking about sex and it went over Sheldon's head (supposedly).   But keep in mind, proton is actually just in Sheldon's head.

As we don't know when this dream takes place it is possible that Sheldon's praise about the movie and how much he and Amy loved it is just dream speak for what happened between the sheets with Amy....???? lol:icon_redface:

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8 hours ago, bluebird said:

Really? There's still Shennys out there? After Sheldon and Penny both said they are like siblings? After Penny got married? After Shamy's reconciliation? Huh.. well whatever rocks your boat. 

Yep, still out there.  I've received PMs and reviews on my stories from them and they are not the polite sort.

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7 hours ago, April said:

Yep! I couldn't make this shit up if I wanted to. It's so out of left field. They cling to some old interviews in which he said he likes working with Kaley and likes certain scenes between Sheldon and Penny - so naturally all the nice things he says about Mayim and Shamy must be lies! I kid you not. It's bizarre.

Even worse when they take ordinary scenes w/ Shenny and somehow turn them around so that they are barely holding back their love, checking each other out, etc.  I've tried to see it, but nope.  Asked my husband who is a more casual viewer and he thinks Shenny is weird and gross.

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12 minutes ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

If it wasn't just her imagining it then why was Stuart suddenly there? :rofl:

You're messing up season 8's christmas episode with the one from season 7.
Ok, so the 2014 Christmas episode was "The Clean Room Infiltration", which aired on December 11. That was the one where Raj's father showed up.
The 2013 Christmas episode was "The Cooper Extraction", aired on December 12. Six days later is December 18, her birthday. She was imagining something from the future or from the past.

And while writing this I noticed that Star Wars premiere here is one day before the North America premiere date. SOUTH AMERICA RULES!!!

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2 hours ago, Carlilla said:

This is AWESOME!! 

Amy: "Do you want to come to my tardis?"

Sheldon: "the date of you birthday, please"

"All of time and space,  everything that ever happened or ever will -  where do you want to start?"

"December 17, 2015, please."


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3 hours ago, Amy Fowler said:


I'm glad we have more details now. It all seemed bit airy fairy this morning where as now it seemed very Sheldony which I've missed :) 

Sounds like Sheldon gave her a good time if she has epic bed hair though :wink:

If her hair is as crazy and I'm picturing, her genitals got a good and proper jostling!  :icon_biggrin:

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1 minute ago, Amy Fowler said:

Todays Shamy text my wonderful crew :) takes place on Sheldon's journey home after bow chika wow wow:


THEY'LL WAIT UNTIL ROGUE ONE? They can't handle that long!!!
2016 movies that Sheldon might wanna see, so they can do again (in premiere order):
-Deadpool (february 11)
-Batman vs. Superman (march 24)
-Captain America: Civil War (april 28)
-X-Men: Apocalipse (may 26)
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (june 16)
-Independence Day 2 (june 23)
-Warcraft (june 30)
-Ghostbusters 3 (july 14, even I wanna watch this one)
-Star Trek: Beyond (july 21)
-Suicide Squad (august 4)
-X-Men: Gambit (october 6)
-Doctor Strange (november 3)
-Rogue One: a Star Wars story (december 16)
-Assassin's Creed (december 21, and I'm excited as hell for this one)  

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giphy.gifHey guys, it's the first time I'm posting something here, but i'm accompaning this forum for a long time. I think it is already almost two years! So, I think I meet everyone :sarcastic:. Well, needless to say, I'm in the clouds with the new news and it's time to share with some people who ara so excited than me! I love this forun, tanks for all the people who make this possible(It was cliché, I know, but I could not avoid the last line) 

P's¹: English isn't my official language, so I hope you managed to get past my Feedback without many mistakes and sorry for the clerical errors :scratchhead:

P's²: I don't stop to smile since I saw the news about the episode, in the truth,  was since the reconciliation ep!:blind::sungum:

P's³: :yes:The last P's. I will not disappear from here!

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