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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 9


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I am so excited i am so excited i am so excited

"you gushed over my ex-boyfriend like he was Leonard Nemoy and you were my ex-boyfriend" i love it when Amy says such cute things about Sheldon, like, she is annoyed at those but i think it's so sweet that she remembers all that and mentions it... idk.

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7 hours ago, jenafan said: We have further evidence of where he puts sex on the scale compared to others.  To Sheldon, the act is more than just for enjoyment or a thrill.  Even female enjoyment has a purpose by creating a direct effect on increasing bonding and the chances of conception.  

I'm not saying they are trying to get pregnant now, but once again we see that Sheldon doesn't act on impulse.   When he chooses to do things,  he has a purpose in mind for it.   Through sex, Shamy have created an intimate bond that just cannot be matched by the others.  It's physical communication of their love.   It's romantic.  It's different.  Amy is not just his lover.  She completes him and is the future mother of his children.  

Their progeny will be a construction based on a foundation of mutual love and respect by two people who look at the world through a different lens than everyone else.  Like everything in their relationship, the things they do stand out.  Their sex life may not be brought up on screen, but we see and hear the intimacy they share in their facial expressions, body language, mannerisms, and in the inflections and words they choose when speaking to each other in their daily activities.  To me that is sexier than seeing them in bed together.

This leads me to believe that perhaps they won't hook up in the bedroom as much as the others because Sheldon isn't seeking the physical gratification of sex, but rather the desire will come from the need to manifest his emotional connection with Amy physically, which will culminate with sex.  I also believe it will be more than once a year.

I just don't see Sheldon becoming a horn dog.  Amy, maybe a little, but they will find the balance.  The quality will be there even if the quantity is not as high as it is for others.

I probably shouldn't kill the buzz right now since we're getting such an exciting episode today. Anyway...

I agree with what you said in the bold part and I agree Sheldon doesn't do sex just for the fun. But how does that have anything to do with Sheldon "not becoming a horn dog"? Is his need to "connect with Amy emotionally through sex" not strongh enough to support frequent sex?

And if Amy is becoming a little of a horn dog and Sheldon't isn't, how is that the perfect relationship? Because maybe to her sex is an important part. Is she gonna be sexually frustrated from now on? Are they gonna negotiate about sex like when they negotiate about date night kiss and handholding, with her constantly begging for more and he has to do it reluctantly? I'm sorry I don't ever want to see that again. That's just ew, especially because this is sex.

It's true Sheldon connects with Amy emotionally. But I just want to see him attracted to Amy physically as strong as emotionally, because Amy is attracted to him in both ways. And it's not that he has to, but I hope he does, or I hope the writers will go this way. And I think it's easiler and funnier to go this way than to address Sheldon's deep emotional needs and how it leads to his physical needs blahblahblah. It's a comedy for crying out loud.

I think every girl, quirky or not, wants their boyfriend (or husband) to just "want" them. It doesn't have to be passionate everyday, but at least there should be moments of "I want you right here, right now." And Amy's more of a normal girl when it comes to things like this.

I'm sorry if this sounds rude but I'm just a little tired about everyone analyzing every tiny bit of Sheldon's thoughts and behavior all the time and Amy should just go along with it. Even when we do analyze Amy, it's more about her love for Sheldon, for example her "secret" love for Sheldon from the day they met.

What about her needs? What about her thoughts? What about her life? What about her? She's been waiting for Sheldon to want her for 5 years and frankly I don't really see Sheldon wants her that much even now. But I was hoping since Sheldon is over the stage of being afraid of getting intimate, he'll explore the sexual part of himself and wants Amy more. But oh no, he's just too evolved and special for these things. And may I say Sheldon does find female attractive physically (or at least I think the show hints that), he likes Jennifer Lawrence, so much so he wants to date her. But I guess it's not the case when it comes to Amy? ( Please ignore this but what kind of crap is that?)

All these things it gives me the feeling that Sheldon is doing her a favor to date her. Like she's earning her credits to unlock Sheldon's love for her. Of course it's not true, but it just feels like that. And in order to keep her stuck with Sheldon, the writers sure went out their ways to not let Amy change her look or give her a normal love interest lol. I find it ridiculous that although Amy's personality has changed almost completely and she's open to a lot of new things but she still refuse to change her style even a little bit after 5 years. Is it THAT OOC to give the poor girl slightly cutter dresses and cardigans? And all the guys that interested in her are somehow creepy or weird. So frankly she never has any choice, even after their breakup.

I understand Sheldon's the star of the show and Amy's a supporting character. But there's no supporting character in a relationship. And to me Amy is just as important and special as Sheldon. So can we just let them have this happy, easy relationship from now on without Amy wanting more and Sheldon just unable to give it to her? They've been doing this for years and it's EXHAUSTING. Can we just let Sheldon find himself attracted to Amy emotionally AND physically and regret what he's been missing for all these years? Can we please give a little bit of our attention which has been so focused on Sheldon from day one to Amy?

Can we just for this one time, let Amy be a happy girl without feeling a hole in her heart (or body) or feeling the need to fight for his love? It really shouldn't be that hard.


Some may disagree but I think he will be respectful with Amy but I can totally see him being a hornball with Amy is private.

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1) If my husband was home right now, I'd be on my way to being committed at the local loony bin

2) My dog is terrified of me right now. Not sure if the running around my house screaming has anything to do with that!

3) I'm spoiled and reacted this way. If the unspoiled people have literally died, I will understand.

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