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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 9


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Jesus, can anyone else not stop staring at Sheldon's bicep? It's just like BAM right there in your face. :wub::wub::wub: I've been rewatching all day. First I stare at their mouths, then their hands, then Sheldon's bicep (lol), then their whole bodies. I just too perfect. Everything. Ughhhhh I'm so happy. And I can't even believe what we'll be getting next week. In 6 days! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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3 minutes ago, Susana Alcira said:

I´ve just finished watching the whole episode: E P I C!!!!!!!!

Jim and Mayim: S U P E R B!!!!!!  (EMMY for them, PLSEASE!)

Our SHAMY:  A D O R A B LE!!!!!

The writers:  G R E A T!!!!! (soooo SHAMY)

We deserve all of this!


i agree with all of this (and everything everyone else has said since page 709 when I ran out of likes)! :) 

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1 hour ago, kelliluvtbbt said:

and... since I just finished watching the last 5 minutes of the episode for the 100th time, it seems to me that in the tag, Jim and Mayim (mostly Jim) were trying to not to laugh at Stephen's lines. 

I caught that too, oh man, Stephen is so funny, he has to come back!

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Ok, so when I very first saw the kiss gifs I thought "woohoo!"  And then I thought "Huh, those kisses look maybe just kinda, sorta, a little awkward..." Then I was back to "OMG it's Shamy kissing and kissing and kissing!!!"

So where I have landed is this: yes, it is a little awkward just maybe; it's not the steamy passionate make out scene you might get in a movie between two experienced characters, but that is PERFECT.  This is Shamy.  This is literally the very first time they've ever done this - either of them.  And it would have been totally out of character if it had been like, say, the Shenny kiss with her leg up, etc. (not that the Shenny kiss was in any way hotter than our Shamy kisses.  Nope.)  I think if the kissing had been different it wouldn't have felt right.

I do think it would be neat if we saw that develop, though. Imagine about 6 months go by.  Everyone of course knows about Shamy's, um, activities, but they're still pretty reserved with PDAs (which I can see, though I hope we see them publicly affectionate). Everyone is together in 4A.  Maybe Amy already lives there, maybe not.  Maybe they've even all had some conversation where it ends up that Sheldon says something like "Just because Amy and I aren't groping each other in public doesn't mean I don't find her attractive/sexy/alluring-/fill-in-the-blank" or something like that.  The overall gist is that everyone knows they're in love and that they're intimate, but they can't imagine them being passionate.

The night ends with everyone else filing out and as the door shuts Sheldon says "Dear lord I thought they'd never leave!" Before grabbing her and now it IS one those kisses that could peel paint off the wall.  And what the hell, since the writers have gone full fan girl anyway, lets say then he scoops her up and heads toward the bedroom with her before the scene cuts.

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thank the comedy Gods for sending Stephen Merchant our way. And then, let's send them a gift bag of some sort for this passionate lip-lock we got with Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons. Seriously, happy Hanukkah and merry Christmas indeed. They should get some sort of fresh breath gum endorsement commercial after that.



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26 minutes ago, stardustmelody said:


You know what I noticed? That kiss in the picture is different from the kiss that aired yesterday. Sheldon's left arm in this picture is wrapped more around Amy's back instead of around her shoulders. Also, this embrace seems to be just a little closer. Not that I've analyzed this kiss a million times or anything lol. I think I do recall when Kazzie did her TR she said that 2 different kisses were filmed. One where Amy pulls Sheldon back into the kiss (which is the one that we saw) and one where Sheldon and Amy engage in some eye coitus before kissing. The picture above must be from that other take. 

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Yeah, I definitely think Shamy's kissing is something that will keep progressing. These kissing were extremely passionate (look at HOW CLOSE THEY ARE TO EACH OTHER IT'S LIKE THEY'RE TRYING TO OCCUPY THE SAME SPACE) but real open mouth/french kissing will probably be saved for later. The writers have been so good at making their kissing believable by having each one just a step up in passion from the last (although I would argue these kissing are about 5 steps from the anniversary kiss - you can feel how much they missed and love each other). I think having them jump to shoving their tongues down each others throats would have been OOC and would have tainted the sweetness and love between them for this scene. You have to remember they are still so inexperienced and their sexuality is just beginning to awaken. Their first time was above everything else an act of love, but I wouldn't be surprised now if the heat gets turned up a couple notches. They don't have to make a whole story out of it, but something like jlove suggested. It would be funny in the next couple months if we had an episode where Shamy are sexually frustrated and want each other but the schedule or something stops them. I would love to see Sheldon say "to hell with the schedule" and grabs her and kisses in a way that has everyone fanning their faces. :laugh:

But for this scene, I thought these kisses were perfect. Just the absolute perfect mixture of passion, desire, sweetness, innocence, and Shamy quirkiness,

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I was watching Friends a few weeks ago, after the 9x10 taping report come out and thinking how it would be. Now that I know how it was, I can't stop remindind the one from Friends.
They declare their love to each other, kiss and then someone keeps looking and goes away after realizing that this might take a while.

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1 hour ago, April said:

And another thing....!

I remember us being amused last month that the lyrics of the song were including lines like that:

"Gonna love you every single night / Cause I think you're too outta sight"

And I think the general consensus among us then was that of course they would just pick the fitting stuff about Sheldon being "living like half a man" and all that and the rest probably doesn't really mean that much. But putting those lines in context of sexually frustrated Sheldon (see yesterday's discussion lol) and what happens in the very next episode... uhm yeah. They couldn't have picked a more fitting song. lmao

Thanks for mentioning that again, lol! Actually I remember writing this myself that Sheldon would be aware of the whole lyrics and not just those parts, so I never assumed that the rest wouldn't mean much! So I'm not sure if what you mentioned was general consensus, at least for me it wasn't. but perhaps that's just my mind in the gutter - but it's supported by all his (recent) innuendos;-) Good to see that it all falls into place, it also fits with him stating in 9x11 that he (literally) can't wait til next birthday, so this will become a regular occurence.

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1 hour ago, FortCozyMcBlanket said:

ok I think it started closed mouthed, but you can see the way Jim moves his jaw and pushes into her it DEFINITELY becomes slightly open mouthed... and you can tell Mayim was a little surprised lol :wub:


Stolen. Hope you don;t mind :biggrin: 

2 hours ago, A Shamy gal said:

Well I was going with closed...but then changed my mind and went with open.... then changed my mind again and went back to closed..... and then blow it up .... and still couldn't decide.

I think Jim tried to open, you can see him opening his mouth just after he face plants her but you know what Mayim's like

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1 hour ago, stardustmelody said:


CBS did a press release and a bunch of interviews about the Coitus,
Put out loads of trailers about them getting back together/getting it on!,
Made what was basically a van vid (this one: http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_bang_theory/video/_5b3RSb_6M2oa_hAN21UfNgIiQuBCDNJ/the-big-bang-theory-the-science-of-love-the-evolution-of-shamy/)
And now they're making Graphical timelines of the Shamy love!

Can we declare them Shamy Shipper of the year yet or...? :rofl: 


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I am scared after this episode and all of season 9, and partly season 8, i will not be able to enjoy previous seasons Shamy moments as much!  I just LOVE this new Sheldon 2.0 SO MUCH!! He is so caring and loving and sweet and omg.
Idk, i think if i go back and watch him being indifferent to her in the past might actually hurt now since now i know HOW affectionate he can be!! Then again, maybe ill just watch and giggle knowing how it's gonna turn out and than in the end this fairy-tale awaits them!

(i do NOT usually use the word fairy-tale... Shamy are literally turning me in some cheesy person : ( but i don't care tbh : D 

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