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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 9


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2 minutes ago, 2L344 said:

the new behind the scenes clip REALLy shows in detail just how nervous Amy looks in bed during the hello/hi! scene...I mean, we all knew her to be anxious but you really get a feel for it in that scene now. She almost looks as if she'd pass out!

IKR?!  I love how her "Hi!" makes Sheldon jump.  :icon_razz:

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11 minutes ago, FortCozyMcBlanket said:

I'm not sure if the same region issue will come up with viewing the sneak peek videos on TBBT YouTube channel, so this is also posted on Star Watch Byline!


(thank you @stardustmelody for posting the link in the episode thread!) 

it's not showing it to me :(     this video is not available... damn

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7 hours ago, shamydawson said:

Oh btw! I forgot to add when shamy were talking on skype Amy said something (sorry I forgot what she said) Sheldon then replies "I missed when there was still mystery in the relationship" I laughed so hard haha (; *nudge nudge, wink wink* :icon_twisted: 

Thanks for your report btw! :)

Were the Shamy skype's sweet or funny? ... or both? :) 

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