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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 9

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Morning peeps! Let me clear up and give a more in depth shamy reportings!   There were 2 takes of the second kiss... As they finish kissing the first time round. They break apart. Sheld

Ok fellow Shamies, I typed up this report on the plane home just now. I've just landed and have another hour or so until I'll be home, but I thought I'd post this at least for you all real quick.  Sor

Oh...I thought someone has already posted a TR? No? Ok. First of all, English is not my first language, so I may have misunderstood a lot of the lines. Please forgive me if the episode turns out

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1. Ready to go

2. Got my beer

3. STOP talking about breaking The Forum, don't jinx us

4. CBS sold THE HELL OUT OF THIS EPISODE,  nice work

5. What does not kill me makes me stronger

6. See you all on the flip side


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49 minutes ago, jlove said:

Ok, so you guys are only an hour away from fabulous Shamy coitusness.  I, however, am headed out to a holiday dinner with my in-laws and am not going to get to watch it until probably 10pm Pacific time, so 5 full hours after you.  Bah.  I'm making the difficult choice, though I could check my phone occasionally and see gifs and read everything while my hubby drives, to abstain from the forum until I've seen the episode.  I feel like we've seen sooooooo much I want to experience some of it in real time (like Amy sex hair, for instance.)  So, I won't get a chance to post my thoughts for quite some time, but I'll be thinking of you all jealously while the show is on and you'll probably see a crapton of like and comments from me late tonight.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry, you're not alone. I can't watch it until about 9am tomorrow morning, which is about 14 hours away.

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28 minutes ago, stardustmelody said:

Man, that's a great idea! The only organization I can help is the Red Cross, and where I live people need more of food this time of year (it isn't cold here, but hot as hell). Hail the person who created this campaign, too! 

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