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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 9


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19 hours ago, kerrycec03 said:

you could check with one of the girls who went, but it was off of Hazel's taping report.  In the final tag, when Sheldon & Amy are toasting to a successful FWF, from what I read one of them says "we should do it again".  So, while in theory its taking about FWF's....most people know what the phrase "do it" really means.  Then Lenny come in and interrupt them being all silly.


The girls that went could of course make any correction, this was off the TR.  But yes, this is the Valentine's episode


Either way, another great Shamy moment.  I so love this couple!  And I am so proud of the writers for speaking to us through the characters saying "the break was needed because it made us stronger".  Same as the Meemaw episode line "I just gave you my virginity, cool your jets".  Love them both!

Guys... That is the One scene i don't remember very well, so don't quote me on it or gleem too much from it.  I dont want the pitch forks coming out when its not right. Suffice to say a sweet moment interrupted by Lenny's silliness, which i think was the point.  So often, Lenny get interrupted with "Shamy" goofiness... Like the honeymoon when Sheldon came along or such. But it wasn't a critical Shamy moment.  Just fun and sweet.  


Anyone else that went to the taping remember the scene!?  HELP!!

10 hours ago, Ranger Rosa said:

Hilarious? Yeah, kinda, but I don't care much about it since he has such a good sense of fashion. Look at this! I think that this nice pair of shoes totally suits him!

There must be many people from USA who propably have seen them so much that they don't even care. Jim gave an interview to a maganize (I don't recall which one, sorry) and said that back at season 1, when the show wasn't popular, they went to Italy to promote the show. They were complete anonymous, nobody stopped them at streets because nobody knew who they were, unless a group of brazilian fans. 
We're different fans. lol

Who the hell is that? ANd honey... I aint lookin at his shoes...


@Ranger Rosa your signature is bad for the diet.... Just sayin'  *Hunts for cookies....

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2 hours ago, bluebird said:

Oh goody, the promo pics are up. Love the pics of Shamy and Meemaw! Meemaw smiling lovingly to her Moonpie and then glaring at Amy when they're alone, that cracks me up so bad :laugh: June Squibb makes a perfect Meemaw. Seriously can't wait to see this.

And of course, Shelly smiling and proudly defending his girl with his arm around her is so sweet!

Dr. Meemaw and Mrs Hyde! LOL!!
Funny how we all thought we know Meemaw - and now realising that we never did. We only ever heard the one-sided stories Sheldon told about her. Really cannot wait to see this! :icon_cheesygrin:

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30 minutes ago, kelliluvtbbt said:

off topic here... but I just saw 'Fish Guts' on TV and started wondering if there was any spanking action in 9.11...

yes, I know... dirty dirty dirty but they did have 2 hours and 16 minutes:icon_cheesygrin:    :angel:    :wink:

Maybe yes, maybe not. I wonder if they're bdsm enthusiasts lol.
Btw, 9x11 starts in 40 minutes here.

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Snowed in here so watching my favorite Shamy episodes and I've noticed this season they've def moved Amy's barrette back kinda creating a more relaxed look. I am not talking about the wavy opening night look, just in general. Subtle but love it!!

Just finished D&D and awwww they've come so far

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31 minutes ago, kazzie said:

Im trying to think, But bloody hell it was a loooong taping and a lot of scenes.. Being this was playback as well doesn't help. But I remember It was very sweet and Sheldon was saying he was happy they had the experience of the break up because its only made them stronger. But don't quote me on that.

I am glad that it is sweet.  I was worried it might hint at lingering resentment because Amy is portrayed as dating right away in this episode, even though the viewers know differently.  She questioned the breakup, she was reluctant to acknowledge it, and she didn't start dating until after Sheldon admitted he asked two woman out after fencing as a means to move on.  I really hope the writers go back to rebuilding the relationship afterwards rather than dragging up such a complicated and messy ordeal.

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42 minutes ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

I saw these pics of her (Alessandra Torresani)


and thought she looked like the bad guy from a crappy sci fi movie BUT I've just seen that she played Egg on Arrested Development and now I'm cool with her :) #Fickle 


ok I'm starting to understand Raj a little better.... no i'm kidding he's still an ass.

but my kingdom to look like her! 

(sorry, off topic.)

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ok so i haven't been here in a while and just caught up with promo pics and all, god, i LOVE seeing Meemaw sit in Sheldon's spot!

It feels so good to see him sacrifice something so special to him for someone so special to him. Kinda like watching him choose Amy's birthday over SW premiere.

PS ok, i've just read that Meemaw likes whiskey, she's so kick ass! Perfect grandma

Now i just wish she warmed up to Amy, than i would totally adore her

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