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not to mention, they used the clip of the kiss but in reverse in the promo as well so not even the way it'll look in the ep (but we all know it looks better in reverse haha)....its like 'shamy edit' makers are working at channel 9 :p sneaky sneaky sneaky haha 

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I think the only thig that will be resolved in the premiere is whether lenny got married or not, shamy could be seen but not together



It will be interesting to see IF Lenny gets Married and WHAT THE LIVING ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE. 


Where are the Girls going to hang out for Girl talk, if Penny moves in with Lenard?? Where are the Boys going to play Dungeons and Dragons??


Where is the Love Lost Sheldon going to live? With Lenny or is Raj going to be Sheldon's new Room mate.  


Who will live in the Big apt and who will live across the hall??. Yep a lot of unanswered Questions. 


PS. I was losing Interest, But Lenny getting Married has peaked my interest again. 

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Not to mention how they essentially spoil the episode for us...


The good folks over at Channel 9 are clearly massive Shamy shippers so this kind of thing happens every time there is a big Shamy episode of some sort. It's like the Prom Equivalency promo all over again...




Note the cherries at the end...


But I'm a massive Shamy shipper as well so I'm not complaining...  :imsohappy:

Haha I would not be happy if I was going spoiler free in Oz we are only up to episode 18 here in NZ

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The Mushroom Log, Links to full features on the DVDs are not allowed due to copyright considerations. The only links to full features on the DVDs and/or full episodes are through official CBS or WB sites.
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OK prediction for premiere

Lenny don't get married and when they find out about shamy situation, Penny and Sheldon have their sibling/parent comfort talk in her apartment while Leonard is left on his own

Howardette are still trying to get rid of Stuart

Amy spends the episode with Raj who is increasingly scared of of Emily


I would love for all the above to not be true

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I really hope that in the premiere at least one of the cliffhanger will be solved, but I can easily see that they might want to drag things out....in such a case, I think more of a boys vs girls situation, all the girls together (maybe without Emily) complaining and all the boys together trying to find a way to solve their problems. I also see Bernie and Howard being the "streight" woman and man, providing advises and at the same time complaing about Stuart....

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42f0168b9ea43e90063155820f8f8c13.jpg Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk

i so wish there could be an episode where they all look like this..like a parallel universe ep where they were all friends/dating in high school or something haha that would be cool to see :) but until someone invents time travel...that will never happen haha shame :/ they were all so cute as kids though hehe :) 

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Nice photos but nothing stays the same for any of us. Photos and memories persist but there is no going back.

Funny one of the things that got me watching TBBT to start with was connections to earlier series.

As a teenager I watched John Ritter in Three's Company.

Then when I had small kids I watched him in 8 Simple Rules. Of course a young Kaley C. was on that series.

Then I saw Kaley in something new and it was funny... ...and I had recently started to work in a physics department. Everyone in my previous department had an engineering background so TBBT was particularly interesting.


Oh yes I forgot to mention that Suzanne Somers from Threes Company was the mystery girl in American Graffiti that I saw as a kid. American Graffiti of course was the first Film I saw Harrison Ford in (before there was a Han Solo).

A flash of Suzanne Somers from about 40sec

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thought of more connections
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If they have casted somebody for a role whatsoever, they should have been almost done with the first episode, maybe the script isn't ready...but the basic facts are already there. Wowwwww!!!

I was wandering what kind of "security" it can be! Airport security? Is somebody  getting a plane?

Casino security? Leonard and Penny will have some fun while in Vegas?

But I like also very much your idea of the graveyard security, Itwasdestined!!!

Lest's begin all the possible speculations!!!

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Haha, that's what my children had to do in primary school, it's called "Reizwortgeschichte". Translated it is "stimulus-word story". Given one or a few words around which they have to create a story.

Love this, it inspires the creativity so much.

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Added a missing "which".
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