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[Spoilers] Discussion Topic: Season 9

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I know you are all thirsty for spoilers, But hear me out first. Ok so I didn't post or let on I was going for a number of reasons. Number ,1 I have an incredible amount of personal issues including he

Ok...I'm posting this for a friend who was there last night.  Please note, I wasn't there directly but I do understand the importance to the community of providing information so please be appreciativ

Hello!!   So I decided to do a taping report for yesterday’s episode, “The Bachelor Party Corrosion”, I know there have been some issues with the material in previous episodes but please have faith in

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Go unspoiled you say?





I'm on a need to know basis and I really really really really really need to know :icon_cheesygrin:




LOL where's your gif of Bernadette saying that? :D 

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To Luna18


The last rachelshamyfan post has a shamy incon where they are talking about a big step in their relationship - getting a turtle.

I don't quite see how that has anything to do with my last post...

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dating Stuart.

It's incredible how Fanfiction.net is lacking with stories about that couple. 

(If anyone decides to go looking for some on Fanfiction.net, you will be disappointed because the site is currently experiencing a server error, the only stories showing up are the ones from 2014-I mean what? Archive Of Our Own works fine though, and I have one published there, "The Massage Experiment".)

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They're not. Bill is just ranting, no rule change by AU.

Ahh yes I just went and read the Tweet, he not telling people that now they can only attend one a season now but encouraging people not to attend every other taping. Or just go to o e sorbets can have a chance. It understands @billprady: Tickets for #BigBangTheory tapings are at http://t.co/4Wj7eIrfRL. They're very limited, so we ask you only visit us once a season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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They're asking people to not do it.

Here is the thing, we are very gracious and helpful and nice people that HELP others and the way he is diminishing this by tweeting is really not very nice. 

I am in no position to address this (if I ever get to do it) but it's rude in my book.

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