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I'm actually loving this.

I was surprised that they went through with the Lenny wedding off in Vegas by themselves, but they did try to include the gang by live streaming it or whatever.

Even so, I'm not surprised that they spent their wedding night apart.  Even though they've slept together many times, their wedding night went uncommated.  I wonder if maybe they'll annul the Vegas wedding and start over once they've gotten past the Boat Girl issue, or if maybe they'll have a second ceremony, like some folks do.  Either way I think it could be fun to see them try to fix it.

And I do think they will fix it one way or another.  I have no doubt that there will be a heartfelt reconciliation at some point.  It may or may not come in the next episode, with the girl showing up, but it will come.  I see this as kind of like the Alex-hitting-on-Leonard issue.  He enjoyed the attention, Penny got pissed, he apologized, etc., and Alex went the way of the Dodo bird.

Having Boat Girl work at CalTech does seem a bit out of the blue as a complication, but it does raise the stakes somewhat.  But I suppose one could theorize that the majority of the team came from Cal Tech, etc., which would then make her presence there more logical.

Anyway, I think that perhaps it's a good thing.  Leonard seems to like it when women pay attention to him (Dr. Stephanie, Dr. Plimpton, Alice, Alex, and now this girl) whether or not he's in a relationship.  Maybe because he was overlooked or hated on when he was in school, etc., he appreciates the attention now.  But if he wants the attention of the girl of his dreams--Penny--then he needs to keep his lips to himself.  I think that his heart was not in the kiss, but his lips were, and while guarding one's heart is important, guarding one's body is just as important.

As for Sheldon and Amy, I think they did need to have a rough patch to get through.  Not that I think that "Sheldon has to learn a lesson" in some arbitrary way, but just as it took outside pressure (from Stuart and somewhat from Leonard) for Sheldon to realize that Amy was more important to him than as just a friend, something like this will cause him to hopefully spend a little more time figuring out what he really wants.

He denied his emotional connection to Amy way back in Zazzy, and it took a little outside influence to get him to drop some of his pride (and his mom offered him a way to save face), but then when Stuart took her out, his inner caveman was suddenly in the driver's seat and he had to do something about it.  It obviously embarrassed him to ask any girl to be his girlfriend, but he sucked it up and went through with it because that was the only way he could demonstrate some level of what he was feeling, even if he had trouble articulating or admitting it. And I think it's because of his pride and his "I don't need a girlfriend" kind of approach that he had to build the parameters around it with the Relationship Agreement.

And even so, it was somewhat selfish--the RelAg is there to help him get what he wants or needs (which is often different from what Amy needs)--and he was learning only by increments that Amy's feelings are as valid as his.  I think he has been learning this, though she often has to hit him over the head with what a relationship should be like, and lately he has been learning to like the physical aspect of it, ever since the train kiss.

That, of course, doesn't mean that he has figured it all out yet, and this is where Amy's frustration comes from.  Sheldon hasn't been seeking a relationship in the same way as the others, and now even Amy, have been.  He may know some of the outer signs, but his heart is still something of an uncharted territory even for himself.

He knows he loves his mother, comics, sci-fi, trains, etc., but romantic love is very very new to him and not something he can quite grasp.

And yes, he is still selfish and childish and that is an issue he must overcome when it comes to how he treats Amy or how he considers the balance of their relationship.

At any rate, I think that of course, it's all going to work out in the end.  And I don't think there's anything wrong with putting any of them through the wringer now and then, especially in the two biggest relationships.  The Lenny and Shamy relationships are big deals, in how they develop and how they affect each other (in regard to the L/S friendship and roommate situation) and so having some big issues come up for them is good, IMO.

If all they ever did was smooch and have sex, it would get pretty boring, IMO.  Conflict and resolution are the essence of storytelling, whether it's comedy or drama.

And I don't think the writers hate the characters or that there's even anything wrong with the characters sometimes being angry with or mean to each other.  Are the people you know always happy and sweet to everyone around them?  Sometimes people get pissed or are misunderstood or argue, and sometimes they're happy and sweet and kind.

I think that seeing the imperfect sides to these people, even the ugly sides of their nature, gives them some depth.

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Ah, it's getting better and better, isn't it! :icon_rolleyes:

I swear to God, guys, I'm laughing out loud as it didn't happen in a long time (laughing instead of crying, it's an old motto in my country, I don't know if you have it in English) What the hell happened to this show?

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I'm beginning to believe that the writers do not give a shit about lenny. Leonard cheating, crab wedding and arguing on their wedding night and not spending it together. 8 years just thrown to the scrap yard. This is not good. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk

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Maybe her reason for being brought in is to explain the kiss and circumstances of how it happened. That hopefully would show that Leonard was at the wrong place at the wrong time Sent from my XT1056 using Tapatalk

Maybe but right now I don't trust the writers and all I can think is to bring more drama. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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seriously...Oh gawd!!  Ok...this is now an official WTF.... Hope at least the Shamy camp can see things could be MUCH WORSE!!!  DUM DUM DUM!!!

you mean like if Sheldon dates this "brilliant and attractive" woman instead? We know she likes geeky physicists....

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Lordy no and now my over active imagination is running away with me


Potential scenario


Girl turns up at 4a looking for Leonard but gets the wrath of Penny instead and Sheldon comforts the girl and the girl misunderstands Sheldons intentions and kisses him


Just NO

Stop it 

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You right it could be or get worse.


Scene C Sheldon and Leonard  apartment:


Sheldon and 'the boat Girl' are making out on the couch after Sheldon hit on her in front of Amy a hour earlier and then Amy walks in with kripke... 

That's when I calmly unplug my tv and place it into a fire. 

Edited by denajeanx
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Thanks to anyone who posted information about the show! You guys are awesome.


I'm a canon shipper...And I REALLY want Shamy and Lenny ending up with each other! But this horrible thought crept into my mind and I can't seem to get rid of it...

What if the writers intend to pull a HIMYM, basically planning to let Sheldon and Penny end up together? 

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I can see them getting their marriage annulled (especially if it  deemed  not legal)  and have real  with a Real Wedding. 

As far as we know as of now neither of their families or any  co-workers (aside form the ones they are friends  with)  know they are married. Just their Inner Circle of Friends know right now. If they get a annulment and don't tell their Family aboiut what happened  and then have a real big wedding (this time not in Vegas) with their Family there then they would never find out. 

Of course you run the risk of Sheldon blurting it out in a toast at the wedding reception. 

We are going to meet Penny Mom this season  and I am sure we will see Leonard Mom at least once so in one way or another the Parents will find out  

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I swear to God, guys, I'm laughing out loud as it didn't happen in a long time (laughing instead of crying, it's an old motto in my country, I don't know if you have it in English) What the hell happened to this show?

Yeah, I think it's been still great! But that's probably IMO, haha  :shy: (verdammter Mist)

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(Sorry, ashleyo85, this kackamamie quote thing caught me...This reply is to Mislave)

I think that's a bit of an overreaction.  How is it rude?  And do you really know whether or not it's "unfunny" or is it just that it's not what you had in mind?

I think there's a lot of good storytelling potential here, both dramatic and comedic.  And if the characters are on the outs for a few episodes, well, that's like real life.  People get together, break up over real or imagined issues, there are misunderstandings and hurt feelings, doubts and regrets.  But that doesn't mean it's the end of the story.

Why shouldn't L/P or S/A have a fight or have a rough patch?  They don't have only one emotional mode.  Do you?  Yes, the show is a comedy, but does that mean 30 minutes of schtick every week with no change?

If people want romance, well, that's not necessarily funny.  And if characters have one kind of emotion, they have another.  Otherwise we get flat cardboard characters who never grow or never suffer and never learn.

Besides that, all of these actors can do far more than simply deliver punchlines.  I want to see all the emotions.

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