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I Should Introduce Myself...


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I have been a lurker for a while but decided to join up in the last few weeks.  Actually, I have been posting to other topics but realized I had never formally introduced myself.


I enjoy the series even with its quirks and all.  I am not a real shipper of any of the couples although I do lean toward the Shamy.  Lenny never really intrigued me -- could be because I have never been a fan of Johnny Galecki, good actor but does nothing for me.  Howard and Bernadette are cute.  I think Simon Helberg is a great actor and it's too bad he has never been nominated for awards (maybe he has, but I'm not sure.  Perhaps someone could enlighten me about this).


I am looking forward to Season 9 as I want to see how the Shamy is going to be played out.  

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