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Comic Con 2015: The Scoop on Big Bang Theory Season 9


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Actually Ginny, last year was the first time* that TBBT did not beat the general downward trend.  Last year overall television viewing dropped 11%, TBBT dropped 15%.   Not to mention, the Monday Shows were almost a full point higher than the Thursday shows.  Near the end of the last year (2014-2015), TBBT broke a 4.0 only once, out of the last eight shows, at the end of 2013-2014, TBBT failed to break a 4.0 only once out of the last eight shows.  AAMOF, 2013-2014 had the highest finale ratings for the show, in its entire run.  

This is not to say they are in trouble, but their scores are far from high.  It's interesting to note that with the Demo TBBT had last year, it was number four overall.   it wouldn't have been a top 25 show in the 2003-2004 season.   I fully expect the show to finish with a yearly average under a 4.0, for the first time since season 3*.  That said, I still think it will be a top five show (and give you an idea of viewership has dropped overall for TV.


*not counting season four, as that was the year CBS moved them to the new night(Thursday), to open another comedy block and it was going up against Idol, near it's top ratings.  It was expected to drop, the saving grace was it didn't drop as much as expected.  

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Hi guys,

I am very sorry for having been MIA for quite some time. It's been pretty hectic and I don't want to bore you with details.

I have promised to recap SDCC for those who are interested and I am slowly catching up on doing that. I also went to London Film and Comic Con precisely a week after SDCC and it's only now that my jet lag has gone to an extent where I feel able to produce something in a written form that is not horrific borderline I-wanna-rip-my-eyes-out.

The Koothrapamy fanfic I quickly uploaded from within the San Diego Convention Center (bless the Wifi!) so it's up and I am sure some of you might have watched it on my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AruciadzEo

I could also go ahead and upload that in a better quality, I'll look into that as well.

There will be a video coming up on a new channel two of my colleagues are setting up with me being a guest there (German only) where we'll talk SDCC in greater detail.

I will have some blog posts up shortly as well, in case anyone is interested.

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