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Comic Con 2015: The Scoop on Big Bang Theory Season 9


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Thanks to everyone for the updates!!  I'd almost forgotten about it due to RL issues--caught it just in time!

So much fun stuff--but I'm surprised they admitted reading fanfic!  Anyone's ears burning? :p


PS. I feel like Sheldon when he got his new laptop, going from Vista to W7.  I just got a new computer here at work and I was switched from Vista to W7.  Takes a lot of getting used to in the email/Word/Excel areas.  I don't like it... :p

Thanks, again, guys!

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Well we did find out that some answers will come in the premiere episode and that we should learn more about Amy's family this coming season.   So those are two good things to have some teaser info on.   I am surprised there was literally nothing said about Lenny though.  No teaser even.  :icon_rolleyes:


I just appreciate all of the reporting from Michy and Roxanne (and Chloe via Roxanne).   Also happy Mayim and Kunal showed and can't wait to hear them read the faux fan fic.  LOL! 


Thanks again for all the great updates, ladies!  :girlinlove:

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When Sheldon bought the ring and when he was going to give it to Amy will be answers in premiere.

First, thank you a lot to all of you who report the panel !!

Like Bernadette, I was "isn't it exciting ?!!" to know some little news for season 9. I miss BBT.

About the quote, have they confirmed it was a ring to Amy and it was an engagement ring ? 

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There probably was but no mention of them because you know the ppls that went were shamies Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk

Are you suggesting there was Lenny talk that I'm not reporting because I'm some rude ass selfish person? Ok.
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