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Jim Parsons and Bazinga Song video


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It seems these two cool videos haven't been posted here:

No. 1 Jim Parsons featuring in the Stand Up 2 Cancer spot - he's playing 30 different roles with 30 costume changes (including an almost-naked one :icon_wink: ) ... and clearly shows what a great actor he is!!

No. 2 This is from a fan who wrote a song called "The Bazinga Song" written from Sheldon's point of view on the world. I watched it and really liked it.

These are the lyrics -

The devil has many faces--Wil Wheaton is first

Anything can happen Thursdays are the second worst

Then there's people who don't get just how smart I am

I have a PhD; I am not an average man

Life would be much better if everyone read comic books

If people studied physics instead of studying their looks

Stop being like Kirk and start acting more like Spock

But, most importantly, get the hell out of my spot

Bazinga Bazinga

Schedules are important and they must be kept

Plans cannot be changed because of some girl you met

I'm still mad the bastards canceled Firefly

And, unless you're MeeMaw, don't you dare call me "Moonpie"

Life would be much better ...

Don't call my mom or be in my bedroom

If you touch my stuff, be prepared to meet your doom

My mom had me tested, and, no, I'm not insane

Don't try making small talk, just bow down to my brain

Life would be much better ...

Orange chicken is not tangerine

There's nothing better than a routine

Don't ignore a check engine light

Or mess around with my laundry night

If you let me knock three times

Then I won't kill you with my mind

Life would be much better .....

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