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Has Howard Wolowitz's bed been used before?

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Maybe it's a totally weird topic but i thought it could be  Interesting. I've rescently saw an old episode of the series Full house. In A short clip you see the bed of uncle Jesse, and it seemed very familiar to me. You van watch it on you tube and its called "uncle Jesse has A bad dream" Now i would like to ask everybody to watch the clip and tell me if this is the same bed of not? I've especially signed up for this forum from Holland, because there is no BBT fanclub over there. I really love the show, and i love to read all of Your interesting forums here.

Sorry i got the titel of the topic wrong, it schould be "has Howard Wolowitz's bed been used before?

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I just saw this episode last night in reruns and than I saw this today!


That was not a hooker, his future wife, or his cousin.  ---Negative on those results!   


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