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2015 FanFic Awards--Polls are open, VOTE NOW!!


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Hey All,


Thank you everyone who submitted their nominations.  We had quite a large batch of people who took the time and we appreciate it!!

Four of us compared results to ensure accuracy, and the below poll have the choices for this years 2015 FanFic Awards!! 

Polls close on September 6th!!


Have fun and best of luck to everyone!! 



Special thanks to boys3allc who set-up the poll and Queenfisher who is making the celebratory banners!!

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All of you guys who were nominated deserve it so much . I love this community and the love and support we all have for each other. It is so much fun to have a little awards to thank everyone for writing these stories. I would like to thank anyone who nominated me. I am surprised and beyond thrilled that I made it on a list with you terrific writers out there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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Dear folks who put this together.  Thank you so much. I know this was a lot of work and a hard job.  You did amazing and we all owe you a big debt. Or a large Bagel, for KerryCEC! 

Thank you so much for the nominations.  I was overwhelmed reading the lists.  There are so many GREAT fan fics.  I am just thrilled to be included! Thank you so much.  I just dont know what to say. 

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It was to difficult to nominate and it was even more difficult to choose. 

Thank you to EVERYONE  for nominating my stories!!!!!! It's truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, a big thanks to the dedicated people on this forum for setting up this award. The whole experience has made my year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party:

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THANK YOU ALL for putting this together. It's a huge task and as a writer, I can't thank you enough for your efforts. It's an honor to be listed among veteran authors. Particularly when I've been falling down on the job lately!  Hopefully inspiration will hit and I'll have some time to do something about it :-)!  It was difficult to vote when there are so many great stories, but I did my best. Kudos to every writer out there who has ever posted a story. 

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I’m thrilled and thankful to see that my stories were nominated. The fanfic community for this show has really been a lot of fun.

I’m going to procrastinate my voting because I want a chance to read at least parts of the stories I’m unfamiliar with. The whole thing is like a list of recommendations, and I don’t want to miss out. There’s been a lot of great stories this year, so it’s going to be very hard to decide what to vote for.

Thanks to all the great writers out there for the entertainment!

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