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2015 FanFic Awards--Polls are open, VOTE NOW!!


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Sorry so late but it's my first day off after 5 insane days. I am surprised I won to be honest, but very proud.

My Spock story came out of my deep sadness about LN'S death. When I was a kid I would watch Star Trek with my late father, so it hit me hard. I wrote that story in two hours and Hazelra7 convinced me to publish it. I'm glad that it helped other like it did me.

JA won for best Leonard! That is so wild because I'm mainly a Shamy writer and that was my first Lenny story. Thank you all for the win in that category. To say I am flattered is being mild. Thank you all for the votes of confidence.

I've done fanfiction for 9 years now for different shows, but I have to say this group is the most welcoming. I will do my best to continue to keep you folks entertained.  Thank you again.

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Congratulations to all the winners! You're all so awesome! 

I was totally surprised to get nominated in the first place and I am even more surprised that I won something. That's so cool! I am not exaggerating when I say that it took me months to write that chapter, so I am really really happy that you liked it. Thank you very much. :) 

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Thanks again to everyone who made this possible. We are fortunate to have so many highly talented people on this forum and so many supportive fans as well. I'm astounded to win best kiss! I did put in a lot of research for that story. The husband and I are both 2 inches shorter than Mayim and Jim, so the height difference between the two of us is basically the same. I kept making him go over to the stairs and smooch, checking to see if what I wrote was physically possible. The sacrifices we make for fan fic. *sigh* He was a good sport through it all! Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I will continue to try to bring hot kisses to the fandom, no matter how much research is needed.

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Hey guys! I've finally finished all the banners and I'll be posting them shortly. Sorry it took so long. A lot of things happened to me in the past few months and it made it hard for me to consistently work on the banners but I wanted to finish them anyway even though it's so late because I promised I'd make them. But before we post the banners, on behalf of all of us who worked on the Fanfiction Awards, I would like to apologize on a mistake we made on the announcement of winners...

The Best Kiss Award was originally given to "The Mistletoe Manipulation" by Madomacho, but while I was checking through the announcement while I was recounting the banners, I noticed that we had mistakenly announced the wrong winner. The Best Kiss Award was for "The Letter" by shamour.

I'll be posting the rest of the polls so you guys can see there's no funny business. We are very sorry for this error.

Madomacho, while you may not have won the award, you're still a winner and a great writer, and you don't need any kind of award to prove that.  

10-Best Kiss.jpg

Here are the other polls, I'll be posting the banners soon.

1-Best Newbie.jpg

2-Best Veteran Author.jpg

3-Most Emotional.jpg


5-Most Angst.jpg


7-Best AU.jpg

8-Best One Shot.jpg

9-Best Ending.jpg

10-Best Kiss.jpg

11-Worst Breakup.jpg

12-Best Makeup.jpg

13-Best Coitus.jpg

14-Best Proposal.jpg

15-Best Shamy.jpg

16-Best Lenny.jpg

17-Best Crackship.jpg

18-Best Howardette.jpg

19-Best Sheldon.jpg

20-Best Leonard.jpg

21-Best Penny.jpg

22-Best Amy.jpg


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OMG!!!  These are so cool!  You did such an amazing job on these, I just love them all.  You put so much thoughtful detail in all of these, I can see elements from the stories all in the banners.  Amazing!  Thank-you so much for all the time and effort you put into these.  It is much appreciated!!

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