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What's your Wallpaper?

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As devoted fans, I assume we all have BBT images as our Desktop Wallpapers?

So, what have you got?

I've got this on my Desktop and Laptop:-


and this on my Hudl:-


I'm guessing nobody is surprised, that they're both Amy/Mayim? :icon_biggrin: 

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On my home computer I have a picture of my cat Puck when he was a little kitten, standing up to look over the bottom of my balcony door frame.  At work I have that pic Jim took when he went on GMA to promote Normal Heart.   On my Samsung tablet and phone, my wallpaper is also a pic of Jim, from around that same time, I think, where he has one arm across his body and the other up with his hand at his mouth.

The lock screen on my phone is another pic of Jim from the normal heart promos, where he's wearing a long coat.

The lock screen and wallpaper on my iPad have nothing to do with TBBT.

PS., what's a Hudl? 

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Just done a search of Amazon.com, and I can't find any for sale.

You might be able to order from Amazon.co.uk, and have it shipped to America, but the warranty may be affected.

The charging unit is dual voltage & frequency (110/240v and 50/60 Hz), so there shouldn't be a problem charging it, besides, the charging lead is a standard USB one, so any 2.1 amp USB power supply would work.

As for size, mine's 8.3".

Us Brits always have bigger equipment. ;) 

Edited by Stephen Hawking

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