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David Tennant appreciation thread


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 RACHEL, you knew given all time and space, I would find this thread.

 I love the fact that somewhen else, he and ROSE are together. 

I love Billie but....

10 & Doctor Donna thx :rolleyes: 



His eyes are like melted chocolate goo... yum


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Sounds like you guys need to borrow my TARDIS !

DOCTORDONNA was great, but when ROSE went back with her "father" and when she saw the hollogram of THE DOCTOR, ...I guess you're right, this is a DAVID thread, not a ROSE thread.....Mmmmm !!

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And of course i agree with walnutcowboy, i love Billie/Rose

But hands down, Donna was the best Companion


Catherine Tate and David Tennant were so hilarious!

God that hair....

tumblr_lnd8v74m3O1qdme61.gif hair ruffle!

I saw Catherine and David in Much Ado About Nothing and they're just so great. They're like Mayjim's friendship. Cept.. Daverine? :laugh: 



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can't spell for shit
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