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End of show vanity cards


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Is there some place online where one can read the end of show vanity cards. My flippn' DVR puts the indicator bar right on top of the text when paused so I never get to see all of it.

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My favorite one is #277, just because it's so funny that everyone thinks that if there is a law that everyone obeys it or has to obey it, think again! :icon_twisted:

The Russians just copy the idea of the show and then there is no way of suing them, because the TV production company, which rips off Chuck Lorre, is owned and operated by the government itself. Let's try to sue the government of another country and see what happens, I'm sure they would laugh their asses off. :icon_cheesygrin:

Government authorized copyright infringement, cool, what's next... :icon_rolleyes:

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