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2016 People's Choice Awards (PCAs)

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we all know who drank all the champagne in the limo tho ://

Anyway very good signs that Bill and crew are heading to the PCAs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Here is the video for people like me who can't watch it live:      

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13 minutes ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

The bit where the voice over guy says that she has won and then Jack Black says "you get two, I'll hold this one" and the pictures of her on the PCA twitter with both awards must all be wrong then. I stand corrected :icon_rolleyes:

Well the video doesn't play for me so I can't listen to it... just strange that the website seems to be updating regularly

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I LOVE Mayim's dress.  Her award show dresses are rather hit and miss.

But I find it really strange how they did these awards.  They got the award for the Network TV show and Best TV Show, then Jim won for his category.  All three seem like major awards.  I don't know.  This show just seemed like a hot mess.   This is likely why I don't bother watching these types of things and just watch clips later.

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Just now, Kathy2611 said:

Which category did Mayim announce?  

I didn't see her present anything. I only missed one award, but I never heard her name at all. Very odd since they announced she'd be presenting.

Seems over half the awards weren't presented formally - do they do some that they don't show on TV?

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From https://twitter.com/peopleschoice 


10 minutes ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

So was it best TV Comic actor, best network comedy and best comedy that TBBT won, yeah?

No wait it was Best Comedy, Best Comedy actor and FAVE TV SHOW! I've just rematched the video!

 That's mad! it beat Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy and the Walking Dead!! :wub:

Edited by Einstein Von Brainstorm
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