Should Amy Apologize to Sheldon

Should Amy Apologize to Sheldon.  

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  1. 1. Should Amy Apologize to Sheldon.

    • Yes, Amy should apologize for the break up.
    • No, Amy should not apologize for the break up, she should only apologize or express regret for hurting him, and acknowledge that he suffered during their time apart.
    • No, Amy was within her rights to break up with him. She doesn't owe him an apology.
    • Not just no, but HELL NO, Sheldon could be an insulting ass and Amy should have conked him over the head with an iron skillet on her way out the door! Suffer, Sheldon, suffferrrrRRRrrrrRrrrRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

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I voted for #4 because it was pretty funny.  But NO I don't think that Amy owes Sheldon an apology. 

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2 hours ago, MJistheBOMB said:

*The look on her face during the Skype session when she needed a break: hurt. Her in the kitchen after she broke up with him, wondering if it was the right thing to do: hurt. Her in the in hallway talking to Sheldon after she found out that he was trying to move on and asked out two women: hurt. Her after being "shot down" after Sheldon wanted them to continue to be friends: hurt. She hurt through the entire thing, just like Sheldon did. 

*Is she not allowed to try to move on after he said he moved on? I'm pretty sure I'd try my best to enjoy as well if I was told by my ex about my eggs that are about to expire among other things. 



For the first two, I'm kind of OK ( not really 100% for the kitchen scene, but whatever.

But for the stairs scene and the car scene: NO. She was hurt that he wasn't waiting for her to come back. Don't forget that just minutes before the stairs scene, she was considering dating other men, and gave it a thought before turning Kripke down. So yeah, hurt because her ego was hurt, nothing more. ( Shamies are going to hate me, yet I'm supposed to be a Shamy fan myself... but but... that break up... just telling, after the Star Wars episode I kind of binge watched the beginning of the season to see if knowing they get back together made it easier or more pleasant. No, I hate this story from beginning to end, I just can't help myself. ) And the " I'm ready to be your girlfriend again " YUCK. Is that a way of asking someone back? It sounds to me like she was pretty sure he would answer by the affirmative and when he didn't, it was a real shock. ( and once again, she was pretty quick phoning Dave back, no? )

As for the green part LOL She was already considering dating other guys BEFORE the stairs scene, if there wasn't that scene she would have done exactly the same, it just would have taken a little more time, that's all.


But I have the feeling we're changing the topic here...

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I voted for #2, but I'll add my addendums.   I don't think Amy owes Sheldon an apology at all.  She was unhappy in their relationship, and she was perfectly within her rights to leave.

I think a lot of people have echoed my thoughts already.  I would like to see them both to talk to each other.  To express regret for both hurting each other with their actions.  I don't think either party is innocent in not hurting the other.  For me, Amy's reasons for coming back are missing.  It would make me happy to see her express why she DOES love Sheldon.  I'll leave it there.   The others have expressed this way more eloquently that I can.

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Voted #2. They've probably already spoken about it why Amy did it & Sheldon's taken it onboard. It happened off camera cause this ain't a soap. It was hard enough during the break up let alone reliving it by airing this talk. To me one of the gestures in next weeks episodes tells me that this talks already happened because Sheldon knew how to deal with that situation. They wouldn't be in the place they currently are if Amy still had issues.

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I would say that because Amy cared so much about the five years she spent with Sheldon that it caused her to step back and reevaluate things.

Maybe because so much time was spent on Sheldon's reactions that I felt that Amy's dating was "off" for lack of a better word.  Not saying she was wrong but it was just "off".

I think they need to move past this as others have mentioned.  The ship has sailed with the coitus for there to be any backlash for the breakup especially coming from either Amy or Sheldon.  Can't control what others may think or say (on the show I mean)...

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I voted C. I do not feel that she does need to apologize to him. I feel that Amy is acting different now because her guard is up. Yes, she took him back unconditionally but that doesn't mean that she isn't being careful this time around. I believe that she is acting differently because she doesn't want to commit 100% yet, in case something traumatic happens again. She'll get there, it'll just take time. It's only been a month since they got back together. Give it time people. lol.


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19 hours ago, Stephen Hawking said:

Which part of my post are you responding to, Denise?

It doesn't take 2 to break up,  I wasn't very clear that in some break ups in my original post.  In some instances it does in fact take 2 to break up.  (i.e.: mutual or one's like Shamy not mutual) hence the rest of my reply about the need for space to break up. Sorry about that Stephen...multi tasking gone awry.

And all just my opinion.    Apology or no apology, I cannot re-watch Shamy and enjoy it the way I once did. 



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21 hours ago, MJistheBOMB said:

I'm sorry, but I don't believe for one second, like you apparently do, that the 5 years she spent with Sheldon meant nothing to her to the point where she gave no shits and felt no pain about it, EVER, after they split. Just don't buy it. ( 1 )

The other thing, again, was she not allowed to date others? When people are broken up, they can date others... no matter how much we don't want them to. ( 2 )

Just because they think about dating others or even make a few attempts, doesn't take away the true love they have for each other. ( 3 )

We saw Sheldon slam a door in an extremely beautiful woman's face. A woman who probably could have been a good match for him if we saw more. She wasn't Amy. Sheldon didn't even bother.

Amy was about to kiss Dave. She invited him over and wanted to try again because why not? The man she really love wanted to be in the friend zone. When said man interrupted her Date with Dave, she left Dave in a flash. Why? He wasn't Sheldon. ( 4 )

There are a few things I would have liked to see regarding the break up/ reconciliation that I didn't but life goes on. 

Right now, they are clearly in a very good place and that's what matters to me the most. 

( 1 ) Never said she felt no pain. I said she felt some pain at the very beginning. She soon got over him.

( 2 ) Never said she wasn't allowed to date others. I was just stressing out that she couldn't be possibly hurt by the thought of Sheldon dating someone because she was just doing the same. Or else she's a hypocrite, "do as I say but not as I do".

( 3 ) I really doubt about it.

( 4 ) Yeah... Still in my opinion ( fair warning, if you're a Shamy with a weak heart, you should probably not read the following lines ) if she really wanted him back, she didn't try hard. She tried harder to make things work with Dave than find a way to get back with Sheldon. You're probably going to answer: yeah, but she didn't have to try anything because she was in her own right to break up. But at that very specific moment, she pretended she wanted to get back with him, so if that was the truth, sorry, she dropped the towel in a too short amount of time to be believable. At least Sheldon tried something, awkward, terrible and even cruel sometimes, but at least he tried.

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On 1/27/2016 at 10:05 PM, ATOB said:

I voted two.

Also, bearing the above in mind, Amy absolutely had every right to look around to see if there was someone who was a better match for her than Sheldon. His Sheldon obsession aside, Dave was adorable, and, more importantly, he was into Amy both intellectually AND physically. But, just as the lovely Vanessa failed on the 'being Amy' test, so too did Dave fall at this parallel. When the push came to shove, despite Dave being ready and waiting 'with his fancy genitals' on the sofa, he just wasn't Sheldon.

And in Sheldon being Sheldon, Amy certainly should acknowledge not only the damage that was done by cutting a man tied to routines and familiarity loose,

We have different views on Sheldon's (a)sexuality (although i do partially agree with what you say about his asexuality, cause as sexual as he seemed to me in 9x10 and 9x02, as asexual he seemed to me in 9x11... ), i soooo agree with this part!

I never understood why some people were so mad at Amy for wanting to date and 'see what's out there'. Of course you wanna see what else is out there when you feel the person you love can't ever give you what you want, and she has all the right to want what's best for her.

On 1/27/2016 at 10:58 PM, Stephen Hawking said:

And, as regards Sheldon unintentionally hurting others, as Bernadette explained:-

Sheldon doesn’t know when he’s being mean because the part of his brain that should know is getting a wedgie from the rest of his brain.

With a few notable exceptions, Sheldon doesn't hurt people on purpose.

I do agree with you ( i mean, i think Sheldon can be mean/annoying on purpose a lot, however, most of the time that he insults others, which is let's face it he does on a daily basis, i'm with Bernadette, i agree he doesn't realize what he does), however, in my original post i was talking about Amy hurting Sheldon unintentionally !

On 1/28/2016 at 3:01 AM, MJistheBOMB said:

I'm sorry, but I don't believe for one second, like you apparently do, that the 5 years she spent with Sheldon meant nothing to her to the point where she gave no shits and felt no pain about it, EVER, after they split. Just don't buy it.

IKR, it is so obvious, did she really need to say that on screen to justify herself?

Obviously when you're in love with someone for 5 years, you can't just get rid of the feelings even if you want to (and i don't even believe that Amy wanted to, i think she just wanted to stop the relationship cause it was 'too much work', like she said to Dave on their first date)

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I think so, because I never really sympathized with the reason for the break up in the first place. 

They had made a substantial progress in season eight. He told her "I love you", the fort blanket thing, etc. And they ended up making out. He confessed-honestly-that he had been thinking about Flash while making out with her, and he was willing to continue making out with her at first. She never tried to question his feelings towards her, she mostly (note "mostly", not "only") seemed frustrated by the lack of "full" physical intimacy. 
She also complained about only getting a distracted make out session from him, after five years, which is incorrect, since she hadn't even seemed that keen on the idea of being intimate with him until about season six and they had kissed and cuddled many times before making out in the season eight finale. 
Not to mention, Sheldon's mind is overactive, and you can hardly control that, she must have known that by then. And he was just being honest with her.
She then avoided him for a whole day before announcing him that she wanted "some time alone". Because of her, he wasn't invited to the wedding "ceremony" involving two people he has known for much longer than her, one of them being his best friend. After they had been broken up for six months, she had one "date" with him and decided that she wanted him back.
I've seen many people saying that the "distracted make out session" was a straw that broke the camel's back or something. But I don't appreciate the apparent "logic" that one (or both) partners should hold a grudge against one another, for years. 
And Amy would rarely actually come forward with her desires/expectations about Sheldon (to him). That may be the biggest problem.  Except maybe coitus, but he had full right to hold back on that until he was ready. She even manipulated with him into giving her a bath for weeks and into giving her "some romance" on the Valentine's Day (in season seven), and apparently has a plan about marrying him, that she keeps a secret from him. 
Yes, many will point put "but Amy was hurt over the break up". But, the same way, I can say: "Sheldon was hurt over the break up too (and he wasn't the one to break things up)", so where does that leave us? I doubt that she hurt him intentionally but I also don't think he would usually hurt her intentionally either.
I don't think their relationship is/was as one sided as some people see it, but it definitely isn't perfect. Amy doesn't like Sheldon's geeky stuff but he does know all about her interest and does watch that old French movies with her. There is a Relationship Agreement, but she had a full insight into it, wasn't forced to sign it, and she often challenges it. Sheldon could have been more considerate about her desires, but as somebody who hates change, he has witnessed his girlfriend change (no pun intended) right in front of him and tried to accept that. Etc.
Not to mention, Sheldon treating Amy poorly before, at some occasions (yeah, yeah, get it out of your system), doesn't completely absolve her of any blame or responsibility, their relationship wise, later on. The same way, claiming that Amy should apologize doesn't equal saying that Sheldon shouldn't apologize for anything. But I'm afraid that Amy may think different, because "you don't know what I'm going through", "nobody else would put up with him", blah blah blah...
I voted number 1.
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Not meaning to offend anyone, but I really don't get so many (apparent) one sided views on the break up... and seeing Amy as almost completely innocent or just confused.

Both Sheldon and Amy have struggled with some aspects of their relationship. And Amy (apparently) thinking that Sheldon could never be intimate with her or didn't care enough for her because he had happened to think of something else while making out with her (how dares he not have a complete control about his mind and be honest with his girlfriend LOL)... I'm like, seriously?
Then, sometimes, somebody will bring up some occasion of Sheldon being a jerk to Amy, some dating back even to season five, and I'm like "Forgiveness, anyone?" Yes, she shouldn't have forgiven him everything, not by that point anyway, and some of those mistakes could have played a partial role into a break up... but somehow implying that every single of his mistakes would build up in her, leading to the break up... sick (that apparent theory, I mean). And that would mean that something was wrong with her (calm down, I know that Sheldon is far from perfect). The same would apply if the roles were reversed, of course. 
And then her asking him back six months after the break up, after one date... I really hated that attitude, and Amy's side of the story just became even less clear (in some parts) to me. And yes, she suffered, but so did he, and she had apparently had more people taking her side in that whole mess, and had gone out with three men during that time, exchanging a casual intimacy with one. Then she had one date with Sheldon, decided she wanted him back, tried dating Dave again after Sheldon refused...
I know that that is not the main reason, but I think it's easier to relate to Amy because she is less "eccentric" and usually more friendly to others than Sheldon (I could be wrong of course). 
But it still feels off to me. It's a prevailing attitude, and I can't quite get a hold of it, so to say. Many arguments seem one sided and unfair, in my opinion. And yes, I'm going to stop talking now and I hope that I haven't offended anyone.
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On 1/27/2016 at 8:26 PM, wowbagger said:

Though, for the record, I was baffled that it blew over so quickly.

Maybe it was because he had a logical(ish) reason.

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