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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 10


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8 minutes ago, Shamyyes said:

I believe they will stay in 4b. Don't you all think so?

Sheldon hates Amy's apartment, and if I recall, Amy wanted to move out anyway when her lease was up.

After Sheldon's soliloquy about all the changes he'd have to get accustomed to if they moved, I think it is a definite they will stay put.

Besides, I think it works having Lenny side-by-side with the weird new neighbors.   I'm really loving the PALS dynamic.

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Really think the LA is done deal but IMO I think they should move to other place..something bigger ...seems odd to me they have to live in a very small apartment.. without any of their personal belongs.....  I think  they will move to a better place up the end of the season, following with a proposal of course.

Love the hallway scene.. indee one of the best scenes ever.. the way Amy understood his feelings and give him space and also comprehension... loved...great to have some big chances without any words, just feeling...... well done writers

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I liked the guys speaking in klingon and the girls talking in Amy's made up language. I loved the hallway scene. I think they will stay in 4b, but was/am hoping that maybe they could  move them into a bigger apartment in the same building, 4b supersized

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Hello…(Newbie, TBBT fan, and just dropping in with my comments on 10.07)

I could have posted this in the episode thread, however, as a fellow Shamy shipper, the inference of this post in the Shamy thread will be justified…

1)     FWF – familiar show with a new premise accompanied by an AWESOME musical duo who, although didn’t get compensated for money AND/OR food (the horror! I agree with Raj…not even a sandwich?!), still contributed to a refreshing take on an already VERY FRESH educational program (internet or otherwise). Shamy were so adorable in this episode of FWF. Budapest is BudaBest J

2)     GOOD NIGHT – For me, it was the kiss in bed that had the most impact on me in terms of moving the physical aspect of their relationship forward. Such a sweet and tender moment between Shamy. It appeared so natural and routinely domestic for partners who live and share a bed together. Their prior kisses were always a treat, and this one was no less, but the kiss in this episode indicated a shift in the Shamy dynamic (for me, at least).

3)     OLD WORLD vs. NEW WORLD – The hallway scene between 4A and 4B will forever be ingrained in my memory as one of the most pivotal moments in the evolution of Shamy. As I reflect back on the season 8 finale and season 9, I’m actually content with the Shamy storylines (the fallout from Amy’s decision to re-think the relationship, Sheldon’s impatience for Amy to make up her mind on their relationship status, the breakup, the anger, the attempt at a platonic friendship, the heartache, new suitors, revelations, the fantastic makeup kiss(es), coitus, confiding secrets, and a game of “Never Have I Ever J). Now that TBBT are nearly a third into season 10, the payoff is all the more satisfying with Shamy moving in together (albeit, treated as an experiment at the beginning...and still ongoing) because, IMO, it really does feel like a natural progression into the marriage proposal.

I really LOVED this episode. It is one of my favorites. Oh, and the Pasadena, Altadena comment?…how about moving to San Marino or Arcadia? (for anyone who’s curious, I’m just excited to hear mentions of towns that are within my vicinity – GO SGV!!!)


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1 hour ago, April said:

Good morning, fellow Shamies!!! OMG WHAT A GREAT EPISODE!!!! <3

As per usual my Shamy thoughts on this - though much of it has probably already been said by the rest of you so apologies for being repetitive:

- FWF! LMAO They have an opening song now I LOVE IT SO MUCH! And FotM are their house band. Amazing! And the theme of he episode is so cute, as noted yesterday. SQUEEE!! Also, Shamy tidying up together. Awww.

- Amy is such a terrible liar! LOL Even Sheldon notices something is up... I love how she knows she can bait him with some topic of debate and I love how he recognises that but is going along for now cause dammit that woman knows how to get his motor running! <3

- Aww, poor Sheldon at the dinner being so worried that he can't eat or sleep. I'm glad though that Leonard is telling him right away that it's just because she enjoys living with him so much - and Sheldon is SO relieved to hear that! <3 It really takes all the drama out of the lying issue, thank goodness! I think it's also fair that Sheldon doesn't want dishonesty in his relationship and he isn't up for Howard's suggestions. Good boy!

- The Shelnard/Pamy scenes were so great. Shelnard checking the bedroom for the missing collectibles was cute. And Pamy on the stairs were hilarious! Then the Klingon! And Ubbi Dubbi! It's great to see the friendships in action like that.

- The whole lying was really not that big of a drama and I loved Amy's sincere apology. Bless Raj for asking the right questions! I love Sheldon admitting that the experiment was a positive experience. For some reason I thought he's make the decision right then and there but at first he's cautiously calling it a "possibility" so there's still some pondering going on. And even at that Amy is surprise and happy. Loved Penny's "Amy, be cool!" LOL

- So I take it Sheldon's room will indeed become a mancave. LOL ALSO YES THE WHOLE GANG IS THERE FOR DINNER!! <3

- The bed scene!!! SQUEEEE!!! I love Amy thanking him for understanding. I love the casualness of the good night kiss - like, that definitely happens every night now! EEEK!!

- Sheldon still wondering about where they'd live. A bit of a bummer that he hates her apartment though. Come on, Sheldon! For a place you apparently hated you looked pretty comfy there! But I guess that's just to ensure that the audience doesn't wonder what they're not moving there.

- Anyway, Amy trying to soothe him by humming Star Trek. I love that he doesn't want to be treated like a child. Reject that mothering dynamic, yes! But I also love that Amy can be his good night juke box and is apparently able to hum quite a few classic sci-fi themes! LOL THE SNUGGLE IS SO CUTE!!!! And again so casual, no big deal, they do that now, y'all!! <3

- LMAO Sheldon's nightmare! And it looks like he discussed it with the guys. He's still pondering about his decision and the answer is blindingly obvious. He loves her and enjoys living with her. AWWWW <3

- OMG THE HALLWAY SCENE! I really like how this shows the big step he's doing here. Sheldon leaving 4A isn't handled casually - it's a big decision for him, crippling to a point as per his philosophical analogy. And along comes Amy and saves him by being patient and understanding as she always is. And she only wants his best and not let him starve while he ponders his decision so she gives him some food - literally in form of the egglant but also figurative "food for thought" (hehe) by effortlessly conversing of that philosophical topic with him. And that's when his decision is made. When he follows her into 4B it feels both monumental but also natural because they're perfect for each other!! <3

- And I'm so sorry to drag this beautiful scene into the dirt but, they could have let Amy give him any other food item and yet they opted for the goddamn eggplant. While they're having a stimulating debate and we all know what that does to Sheldon. I mean, seriously writers. I just...

- I love how Leonard just barges into 4B at the end to hide some of Penny's decoration. LOL They'll continue to treat 4A/B as one big apartment and everything's right with the world of TBBT!

Other things:


You know why though don't you?  :icon_razz:

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2 minutes ago, Kathy2611 said:

You know why though don't you?  :icon_razz:

Of course I know - we discussed that the other day on here. LOL

It makes me furious (in a good way) that the hallway scene can be seen as this wonderful representation of Sheldon deciding between his old life and his new one etc etc etc... And then you can also break it down to: Amy is giving Sheldon a boner. THE WRITERS ARE A BUNCH OF GIGGLING TEENAGERS!! (I love them for that.)

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