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[Spoilers] Shamy: Season 10


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2 hours ago, vonmar said:

All I need now is for JK Rowling to comment on this episode,  I would to love to hear her opinions on the placements of Amy and Sheldon based on their house robes.

Why not ? Good idea. We've had lots of real-life famous people. I hope somebody among the ptb invites her !

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2 hours ago, luminous said:

Hi Shamy friends...I thought I give you a little gif

That was so cute and funny :icon_cheesygrin:


Edit: veejay obviously had the same idea. I hope you don't mind seeing this double now. :shy:

You rock! You already knew that, didn't you? Love that shamy moment! Thanks! :)

2 hours ago, veejay said:

A bit early here in my homestead, but getting into the day was most amusing. :icon_cheesygrin:


Sure he wanna.



And you rock too! You already knew that as well! These two killed me this morning! :wub:

Thanks :)

1 hour ago, Camelot said:

My little contribution ;)


OMG!! Dead again! All those kisses....*fans self*

THanks for that!  :)

10 minutes ago, veejay said:



OMG, love that gif so much! You are spoiling us, guys! Thanks so much! :wub:

*be back soon* :icon_cheesygrin:


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