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[Spoilers] Lenny:Season 10


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2 hours ago, veejay said:

Some actual family affair announcements. :shy:



(better hi-res quality coming asap, LOL)

LOVE these veejay!!!  Penny's family in 4B at last!!!!  (Wyatt is my favorite parent!).  Also love her dress and the flowers in her hair; Loenard looks quite dapper!  I even like the white casual blouse she is wearing with her parents.  Perhaps this is a goodbye to the plaid look?????  Thanks veejay!!

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There's also a picture (from the same photo shoot) where Penny hugs Leonard from behind. I can't find it anywhere, though. But I've seen it a couple years ago.

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2 minutes ago, hokie3457 said:

I never saw 8 Simple Rules....., so when she speaks, I'm hearing Peg Bundy!!  Looking forward to seeing her as Penny's mom!!

I can't help thinking of her as Jax's crazy selfish biker mother, who killed his wife, in the Sons of Anarchy.

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